Remove Stains from Carpet

Hints provided by
C. G. Barbeau AKA (Caroline Gerardo)

If the stain is still wet,
try repeatedly sponging with lukewarm water.
Absorb the stain each time with a dry towel.
Blot dry and; treat with a solution of 
2 teaspoons Blue Dawn
detergent and;
2 teaspoons white vinegar
in a quart of warm water.
After 15 minutes, blot again and
sponge with clean water.
You may want to put a fan on the area if
it is large

Cigarette Burns:

Trim off the tops of the brown damage,
Twist the fiber ends
Blot with the 2 teaspoons dawn +
2 teaspoons vinegar in warm water
blot with dry towel

Permanent ink can't be removed,
but you can minimize the damage
by blotting with water.
Blot ball-point ink with a
denatured alcohol as soon as possible.

Gently blot with a green
dry-cleaning solution.
Rinse with a solution of 1 tablespoon
ammonia in a cup of water.
Blot dry - don't walk on
the stain a couple days

Oil-base paints can usually
be removed with turpentine.
Water-base paints
clean up with water.
Rinse fifty times blotting
dry as you go
Dried paint trim or sand off

I have white carpet with
dogs and children.
I bought a Bissell cleaner
but it doesn't do the job.
I rent the more commercial
carpet cleaner from Home
Depot. The reason why I rent
and don't buy one is they
break (water and electric mix
on stairs seems to be the magical
mix for disaster)
Don't buy the commercial carpet
solution. Set up all the fabrics
on top of tables, move chairs and
as much furniture you can to non
carpet areas before you go rent.
I can clean 3400 square feet -
upstairs and down in two hours
with the machine. They rent by
the hour so plan and organize before
you rent.
Use 1 cup blue dawn 1 cup vinegar
and very hot water.
Alternate the next month (if
you have white carpet as I do)
with 1 cup blue Dawn liquid
1/2 cup bleach and hot water

Ventilate well, fans and dry
as as you clean and leave the
fans on until dry.

Use old white towels for the
pathways where you walk
until it dries. Make the children
leave their muddy shoes outside.
You will be tired.
Think of it as sit ups.

C G Barbeau

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