Mortgage Rates Blue Bird of Happiness

Laguna Beach bird houses, mail boxes and special treats.

Today Mortgage Rates dipped to the lowest in more than a year.
If you have mortgage insurance, values have increased. Call me
for a free review to save you money.
Perhaps it is the blue bird of happiness that things have

Caroline Gerardo
NMLS 324982

Yes this is a real working mailbox in Laguna Beach

A funky example of a Laguna Beach mailbox.

Preview of my side garden. The epis are blooming!
I'm praying for no wind and squishing snails to be
able to enjoy the week or two of blooming glory,
Next post I will put up more of the West side of my
garden. Combining plants helps keep pests down.
I don't use fertilizers or any chemicals. I compost
and treat things with simple green solutions.
Why you say?
Most of my back yard is edible!
See the bowl below (blue dish with seeds) -
I collect seeds to use next year and to trade with
friends and family.
No GMO :)

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