Mosquito Trap Free

How to make a mosquito trap

How to Make a mosquito Trap without 
spending a dime. I had all these things:

liter soda bottle is best (we don't 
buy soda so I used a thinner water one)
old miss matched black sock (you know those lost extras)
old black tshirt 
used file folders
plastic grocery bags
black plastic pot used
duct tape
2 tablespoons brewer's yeast
5 tablespoons white sugar
old smashed nectarine (or substitute)
1/8 cup of any wine
cup of warm water
drops of jasmine oil 
teaspoon boric acid

I had these two black socks without matches I wasn't certain
which one would fit right.

War on mosquitoes.
Organic, cheap, budget, green

First step is to check your yard and neighbor's and
get rid of any standing water or soggy lawn. Kill the
larvae by drying them in direct sunlight or put them 
in a jar and freeze them for a day.

The second step in creating your trap is to make
the syrup bait.
In an old jar put all the wet ingredients 
Stir the sugar, wine, yeast and water and
place in full sun no lid for a day or two
Save the jasmine

Third step:
line up all your pieces.
I cut the old t-shirt into strips that I used for
my tomatoes and had some scraps left over.
Below here you will see the cotton strip.
I decided it was too wide for my wick.
I ripped it in half without scissors.
The strip is double the length of my cut 
bottle as to hang touching the syrup and 
be tucked outside to the sock.
This will make the odors come out
more into the room to tempt the critters

Here is a plastic pot that I'm using to hold up the
mosquito trap and keep my nosy dogs from
knocking it over.
I lined the bottom with paper scraps then
two  plastic bags, just  in case something
or someone knocks it over

Cut your bottle at about 2/3
level. Use a sharp knife to
make a hole, then scissors
around the circumference.
Mine isn't perfect or pretty.
Duct tape the inverted lid
into the larger bottom half.

I cut two collars.
I left the old wire
tab clips on. They
will act as spacers
holding the bottle
upright inside the
plastic pot.
They also add
shade for bugs.
Mosquitoes like
black so I've
covered the exterior
all dark.

Shimmy the sock over the plastic bottle.

See here I ripped the t-shirt into a
thinner strip for my wick.

Place the wick inside.
Add the boric acid and a couple drops
of jasmine oil to the solution before you
pour it into the trap.
Gently pour the solution into the bottle.
Place the bottle centered in the pot.
You could add more plastic bags as
side wall air bags.
Put one collar around an inch up from the base
Second collar half way up.
I made a third one of black paper for the top.

The trap should be placed where there is no
wind. Choose a corner near where people
will be. The trap mimics the odor of human
exhaled breath. Mosquitoes like black, they
like jasmine and they like rotting nectarines.

They should fly in and have a little cocktail.
They won't be able to fly well, and night night

Add drops of jasmine to the wick every
other day.
The solution syrup lasts about 11 days.

Don't forget to check, fountains, old tires,
and leaks. It is summer and they love an
invitation to a party.

Top of the trap
Nothing better than
DIY cheap

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