Snake in the Garden

Potting bench

I spotted a snake in the garden today.
He was black orange and brown.
No audible rattle but he was so fast, who knows. 
Later I searched online, found some sites with images. This only confused me as I only got a
glimpse of him. Hoping it's a gopher snake...
Calling him Tony, some of you might know why...
Put my cowgirl boots on, an orange bucket, a cardboard lid, gloves
and the pool scoop all ready for battle.
My plan was to capture him and send him on the other side of the
glass wall. However, couldn't find him.
Do I have to rip out all my nasturiums, trim under the bushes and
cut back all the herbs?
Meanwhile I'm at the office, working on a couple purchase loans
that need to turn in their paperwork. Turn in your taxes and bank
statements or I'll send Tony over to pick them up, lol.
Perhaps I can get a short video
of him and post it before I send him off to the beach?

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