Curb appeal

Curbside appeal Laguna Beach
Hardscaping of bricks laid in herringbone patter, stones with light fixtures and simple privet hedge and grass is "nice"

Another home in the tract that used riverstone, picket fence and clapboard siding.
The classic car is terrific!
This house used stone veneer over stucco and concrete. This is not artificial veneer,
it is real.

Brick laid walk at curb adds a nice clean pattern to the curb.
Note the flag - hanging an American flag during daytime adds
a welcome appearance. Flags also add some color and movement
to the front entrance.

Arizona flagstone driveway entrance- The topiaries are well maintained. Geraniums in grey pots, lovely concrete fountain and teak bench now weathered to a silver tone.

Terrific use of traditional brick entry. Arching trellis over the gate has bower vine.
The vines continue to grow up above rain gutters and another pole trellis. The
used brick on the house is painted to tie in the whole. I love the white and light
naples yellow.

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