Fat Check for FHA

FHA' s new fat check $ 30 million

HUD write’s itself a blank check on the backs of American Borrowers.

FHA is in the black, in fact they are profitable but they stuck
this thirty million dollar charge in 2015 and God knows 
how much in the future hidden in Senate Bill 2438.

The Senate never voted on the bill, there in the fine print is an 
okay to charge on your back what looks like a four percent surcharge. This is one fat check.
A mere forty dollars per one hundred thousand sounds small
 but not when you do the math. 
In three years it will be nearly a billion dollar bonus to all the 
management of the federal Housing Administration. 
They claim they need new software, but cough cough.

Don't worry, it will only make your mortgage cost more.

Call your Senator and put squash on big spending
for government jobs, unless of course you can 
grab one. 
Wouldn't we all like a starting salary of $155,500? 
Then pay yourself an unlimited bonus…

Caroline Gerardo
opinions are my own

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