Dana Hills Lacrosse Game Tonight vs Mission Viejo!

 Coming off the huge win against San Juan Hills High School
Dana Hills High School Boys Lacrosse Meets Mission Viejo
tonight March 30th at 5:30 PM at the Dana Field
Come out to watch an exciting fast paced game
I will be at the stats table and will buy you a cup of hot chocolate
if you show up. The Dana field looks over the ocean, and we get
an evening breeze. J V game to follow at 7:30 PM

Jersey number four Logan Nash and number eleven Matt Schultz in action


11 Tudor Ladera

11 Tudor Ladera Ranch home for sale
Martha Stewart could live here
This perfectly maintained house
for $899000
With 80 10 + 10 financing you
only need $99000 to close
Payments as follows:
1st TD APR 4.199    monthly principle and interest $ 3433.61
2nd TD APR 5.301  monthly principle and interest  $   493.01
Property tax + Mello Roos                                        $  1120.08
Fire hazard                                                                 $    85.00
HOA dues                                                                  $   193.00
Total monthly payments $5325.
terms and conditions apply
this is not a rate commitment or loan approval
Call for your mortgage quote
rates change twice a day this was as of 3/27/2015
Ladera Ranch California 


Grant Money to Buy a Home

Border of edible herbs for your new home use free money
to buy with a grant program. Help finance your home loan.
Like free money from grandma for your purchase mortgage

                What is NHF Platinum?
A first mortgage program with a Down Payment Assistance Grant.
Can excess grant funds be used towards closing costs?
Yes, only towards “customary” closing costs.
Does the client have to be a first time homebuyer?
No, clients can still use this program if they have owned a home in previous 3
Do funds ever run out via too many reservations?
No, funds never run out as long as the program is offered.
NHF Platinum Q&A
What properties are allowed?
Owner Occupied, single family residences
Agency approved Condominiums and PUDs
Up to 4 units
Not Allowed:
Rental or investment properties
Recreational, vacation or second homes
Who funds the grant money at closing?
Funding sends a Grant Request to NHF and they fund Grant funds.
Example shown below is for WA State:
1180 - FHA - NHF Platinum
1280 - VA - NHF Platinum
4468 - USDA/RD - NHF Platinum
2180 - MCM Conventional AND Standard Conventional available
2180 - MCM Conventional AND Standard Conventional available
Standard Conventional NHF loans offer a maximum grant of 3%
Minimum credit score for the Standard Conventional NHF product is 740
All other NHF products have a minimum credit score of 640.
NHF Platinum Website
NHF Platinum website at:
Program Index
Lender Support
Online Reservation System
Find interest rates under reservation system (between 9am
– 4pm PST)
Contact information
NHF website “Program Index”
Within the “Program Index” link:
Click on the “NHF Platinum” Blue link
This blue link opens up another webpage
providing :
Program Term Sheet
Income Limits
Reservation Portal
Grant checklist
MCM product
NHF Platinum Website
NHF Platinum Product 1st mortgage.
Income Limits:
Click on the associated link that
correlates to the NHF product you are
Income limits by State
Income limits by County
Grant amounts:
Select between a 0%, 3% or 5% grant
Each grant option comes with an
associated interest rate
(949) 784-9699 C G BARBEAU
NMLS # 324982

Creating stain for wood flooring

I am doing this project on a strict budget. The insurance company wasn't fair.
The cost to buy the t molding, transition strips, oak pieces between marble kitchen
and entry and have it custom stained to match my warm matte wood was approximately
two thousand dollars. No way.
I went to Ganahl Lumber in Orange with my careful measurements and they sold me oak
and some pine pieces (some 15 feet long). Again I didn't want to spring for the delivery
cost so I wrapped them in blankets and red flags hanging out the back of my BMW X5
This was not a great idea and I do not recommend it. I drove home surface streets worried
the whole trip.

Because the wood type isn't an exact match with the floor and I want to make the
stain penetrate deeply into the moldings I used acrylic artist paints that I have
and coffee ( no sugar no cream) to thin the stain. I painted all sides of the strips
seven times and finally the color was deep into the center. After each  stain job I
allowed them to dry thoroughly.

Layering the stain color and correcting with each coat was a fun DIY job. I suggest
you begin light and work up to match your desired shade.

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Hard Wood Flooring Install

Progress of laying the hardwood floor over concrete.
First we ripped up carpet, pad and the wood stripping that was
nailed into the concrete. This work is slow and with three pry bars
or crow bars and goggles it took the three of us about three weeks
working a couple hours after work and weekends. I don't think I
could have done it full time seven days- the stress on the hands is
Next all the glue, paint and glop was sanded and scrubbed down to
reveal the clean concrete. A few spots had dents from whatever the
original contractors dropped on the wet concrete and those took some

Next organize the wood to fit within each room (I have some sizable
antiques that have marble tops that took some nephews assistance in moving)
All out downstairs furniture went upstairs or into the garage.

We cut about half a room of flooring and arranged after using a t bar and
chalk line to make sure the lines were straight. Of course my house is not

Then the messy gloppy gluing...
Wear disposable clothing as after each glue session just toss them and
use disposable rags, paper runners and junk cardboard. The boxes that
the flooring were shipped in were useful. Nothing went to waste.

See below we used the unopened boxes of flooring to weigh down the finished
areas. Then stay off for 30 hours, to let them start to set. The actual glue set on the
label says 24 hours but in my damp coastal weather it took 48.

This DIY project is not really that difficult. It is messy, the cutting requires an electric
miter saw, careful measuring and patience.
Order about 11% more square footage than your measurement to lay straight and about 15%
more if you are going diagonal.
I always wanted to do a palette wood floor in my place in Wyoming.
I now have the confidence to execute the project, but perhaps not the
time - yet.

House Before Photos

Thanks Moulton Niguel Water makes our PSI almost 180
my pressure regulator blew AGAIN- 3rd time in two years.
Causing pin hole leaks and the whole downstairs flooded on Christmas
My journey of getting back to normal has not been fun
Insurance covered about 30% of the damage, claiming they
depreciated everything- dry wall, molding, carpet, tile, cabinets
all which were in excellent condition.
Most water restoration companies are a scam in their own.
I opted to rent wet vacuum equipment, fans, and have myself and
children tear out the carpet flooring.
It didn't save me anything on the claim - go figure, after months of labor.

However I learned a great deal about flooring and installing
new wood. In the end (I'm not totally done putting back my beautiful
nest) it looks beautiful.
1120 feet of hardwood six in plank that is flat, recycled barn siding now
feels like a million bucks.
Here are some before pictures

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Private Transfer Tax No FHA loan?

cute claw foot tub
New rules may prohibit Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Federal Home Loan Banks from buying mortgages in community associations with deed-based, or private, transfer fees. Ladera Ranch is one community in Orange County with these transfer fees (in addition to regular property taxes and Mello Roos). Pretty expensive home buying costs...
HOAs with transfer fees that benefit a condo community (the vast majority) could receive federal mortgage support. HOAs with mandated transfer fees that don’t directly benefit the Whole Association would be unable to obtain federal loans. Private transfer fees—typically a percent of the sale price and specified in the original condo documents—are fees paid when a condo or co-op unit is resold. They are paid from the purchaser to one of four groups: (1) the community association, (2) tax-exempt groups that provide a direct benefit to HOA owners, (3) tax-exempt groups that don’t provide a direct benefit to HOA owners (like the Sierra Club), or (4) third-party developers or investors.
All four types of transfer fees were sanctioned in the initial FHFA proposal; but in the revised proposal, transfer fees that provide “direct benefit” to communities (typically, the first two groups) would be allowed in conforming HOAs.
 “Direct benefit means that the proceeds of a private transfer fee are used exclusively to support maintenance and improvements to encumbered properties as well as cultural, educational, charitable, recreational, environmental, conservation or other similar activities that benefit exclusively the real property encumbered by the private transfer fee covenants.
Lawyers in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s office of general counsel have warned FHA that under existing “free assumability” regulations, the agency is not permitted to insure mortgages on properties that come with “restrictions on conveyance” — encumbrances on the title that could hamper transfers. That includes fees required to be paid at the sale of units in communities governed by homeowner associations.
This means mortgage companies and banks cannot finance a home with an FHA loan when a private transfer fee is part of the deal. HUD spokesman Lemar Wooley explains that “private transfer fees violate HUD’s regulations at 24 CFR 203.41, which prohibit ‘legal restrictions on conveyance,’ defined to include limits on the amount of sales proceeds retainable by the seller.
“HUD also requires lenders to convey clear marketable title in exchange for insurance benefits.”
Will HUD, the CFBP and attorneys next crack down on the huge fees Management Companies charge for condo certificates and providing copies of budget, bylaws and CCR’s? These things could be posted for free in pdf format on the HOA website

master bath with glass tile


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Big Storm For Credit Reporting Agencies

JOHN BRIOSO painting storm coming
Storm brewing for Credit Reporting

Credit Cops get a Spanking from New York
Soon Nationwide

NBC news on Monday as the most radical change to credit reporting in decades and New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said his agreement with the three major national credit reporting agencies (CRAs) will reform the entire credit reporting industry and protect millions of consumers across the country.
The agreement between Schneiderman and Experian, Equifax, and Transunion reported on Monday requires the CRAs to institute a number of reforms to increase protections for consumers, over a three year period.  While the agreement is specific to New York State, it is expected that most of the reforms will be instituted nationwide.  
The three major CRAs maintain consumer credit information on an estimated 200 million consumers.  Information provided by "data furnishers" such as banks and collection agencies includes the type and amount of debt, both current and extending back seven years, and how consumers have managed that debt.  The CRAs aggregate information on individuals into files and provide reports to companies who use them to determine whether to grant credit to potential borrowers and at what cost.  The credit reports are also frequently used by employers to check on potential hires.
The Attorney General's office said that in a 2012 study by the Federal Trade Commission 26 percent of participants found at least one potentially material error in their credit report and 13 percent received a higher credit score after successfully disputing an error.  These findings, Schneiderman's office says, suggest that millions of consumers have material errors on their credit reports.
 "Credit reports touch every part of our lives. They affect whether we can obtain a credit card, take out a college loan, rent an apartment, or buy a car - and sometimes even whether we can get jobs," Schneiderman said. "The nation's largest reporting agencies have a responsibility to investigate and correct errors on consumers' credit reports. This agreement will reform the entire industry and provide vital protections for millions of consumers across the country. I thank the three agencies for working with us to help consumers."
The new agreement calls for reforms covering some of the most commonly expressed complaints from consumers about the credit reporting process including accuracy, the fairness and efficacy of complaint resolutions, and the harm done to credit histories due to medical debt.
  • Improving the Dispute Resolution Process. Rather than relying as they do entirely in some cases on a fully automated complaint resolution process, the agreement requires that the CRAs have specially trained employees review all documentation submitted by consumers claiming that incorrect information belonging to other consumers has been mixed into their files or that they are the victim of fraud or identify theft. Even in cases where an automated dispute resolution system is employed a CRA employee must review the supporting documentation.
  • Medical Debt. Medical debt constitutes over half of all collection items on credit reports and often results from insurance-coverage delays or disputes. Under the new agreement CRAs must institute a 180-day waiting period before medical debt is included in a credit report. In addition, while delinquencies ordinarily remain on credit reports even after a debt has been paid, the CRAs will remove all medical debts from a consumer's credit report once the debt is paid by insurance.
  • Increasing Visibility and Frequency of Free Credit Reports. While current federal law provides consumers with the right to receive one free credit report a year from each of the three major CRAs, many are not aware of that fact. The agreement requires the CRAs to include a prominently-labeled hyperlink to the website on the CRAs' homepages. Consumers will also now be entitled to receive a second free report each year if they successfully dispute an item on their report in order to verify the accuracy of the correction.
  • Furnisher Monitoring. The Attorney General's agreement requires the three CRAs to create a National Credit Reporting Working Group that will develop a set of best practices and policies to enhance the CRAs' furnisher monitoring and data accuracy. This group will develop metrics for analyzing furnisher data, including: the number of disputes related to particular furnishers or categories of furnishers; furnishers' rate of response to disputes; and dispute outcomes. Each CRA will implement policies to monitor furnishers' performance and take corrective action against furnishers that fail to comply with their obligations.
Two additional provisions included in the settlement announcement make specific reference to New York State and were not mentioned in a joint credit release from the three CRAs so is not clear if they apply nationally.  The first relates to so-called "payday loans" and prohibits the CRAs "from including debts from lenders who have been identified by the Attorney General as operating in violation of New York lending laws on New York consumers' credit reports."  The second requires the CRAs to carry out an extensive three-year consumer education campaign in New York focusing on the free credit reports, and consumers' rights to dispute errors.  The campaign must be carried out via public service announcements and paid placements on television, radio, print media, and online and requires the CRAs to expand the consumer education materials available on
Experian, Equifax and TransUnion in a press release on their respective websites announcing the launch of the National Consumer Assistance Plan to implement the agreement's reforms.  The release says "This new plan builds on years of work by the credit reporting agencies to enhance accuracy and extends consumer protections beyond the requirements of state and federal law," and lists the five major changes in the agreement.  
It concludes, "The U.S. credit reporting system helps consumers build their future by accessing credit for homes, cars, small businesses and even a good education. Both consumers and businesses benefit from reports being accurate as possible, and this National Consumer Assistance Plan will mark a significant step forward."
"This agreement addresses some of the most egregious problems in credit reporting that consumer advocates have complained about for many years," said Chi Chi Wu, National Consumer Law Center staff attorney. "We commend Attorney General Schneiderman and his staff for getting these changes, which should benefit consumers enormously."


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