11 Tudor Ladera

11 Tudor Ladera Ranch home for sale
Martha Stewart could live here
This perfectly maintained house
for $899000
With 80 10 + 10 financing you
only need $99000 to close
Payments as follows:
1st TD APR 4.199    monthly principle and interest $ 3433.61
2nd TD APR 5.301  monthly principle and interest  $   493.01
Property tax + Mello Roos                                        $  1120.08
Fire hazard                                                                 $    85.00
HOA dues                                                                  $   193.00
Total monthly payments $5325.
terms and conditions apply
this is not a rate commitment or loan approval
Call for your mortgage quote
rates change twice a day this was as of 3/27/2015
Ladera Ranch California 

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