Creating stain for wood flooring

I am doing this project on a strict budget. The insurance company wasn't fair.
The cost to buy the t molding, transition strips, oak pieces between marble kitchen
and entry and have it custom stained to match my warm matte wood was approximately
two thousand dollars. No way.
I went to Ganahl Lumber in Orange with my careful measurements and they sold me oak
and some pine pieces (some 15 feet long). Again I didn't want to spring for the delivery
cost so I wrapped them in blankets and red flags hanging out the back of my BMW X5
This was not a great idea and I do not recommend it. I drove home surface streets worried
the whole trip.

Because the wood type isn't an exact match with the floor and I want to make the
stain penetrate deeply into the moldings I used acrylic artist paints that I have
and coffee ( no sugar no cream) to thin the stain. I painted all sides of the strips
seven times and finally the color was deep into the center. After each  stain job I
allowed them to dry thoroughly.

Layering the stain color and correcting with each coat was a fun DIY job. I suggest
you begin light and work up to match your desired shade.

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