Hard Wood Flooring Install

Progress of laying the hardwood floor over concrete.
First we ripped up carpet, pad and the wood stripping that was
nailed into the concrete. This work is slow and with three pry bars
or crow bars and goggles it took the three of us about three weeks
working a couple hours after work and weekends. I don't think I
could have done it full time seven days- the stress on the hands is
Next all the glue, paint and glop was sanded and scrubbed down to
reveal the clean concrete. A few spots had dents from whatever the
original contractors dropped on the wet concrete and those took some

Next organize the wood to fit within each room (I have some sizable
antiques that have marble tops that took some nephews assistance in moving)
All out downstairs furniture went upstairs or into the garage.

We cut about half a room of flooring and arranged after using a t bar and
chalk line to make sure the lines were straight. Of course my house is not

Then the messy gloppy gluing...
Wear disposable clothing as after each glue session just toss them and
use disposable rags, paper runners and junk cardboard. The boxes that
the flooring were shipped in were useful. Nothing went to waste.

See below we used the unopened boxes of flooring to weigh down the finished
areas. Then stay off for 30 hours, to let them start to set. The actual glue set on the
label says 24 hours but in my damp coastal weather it took 48.

This DIY project is not really that difficult. It is messy, the cutting requires an electric
miter saw, careful measuring and patience.
Order about 11% more square footage than your measurement to lay straight and about 15%
more if you are going diagonal.
I always wanted to do a palette wood floor in my place in Wyoming.
I now have the confidence to execute the project, but perhaps not the
time - yet.

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