Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Tired of the Big Banks restrictive guidelines and slow turn times? Sell more homes with our Niche Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan products.

Jumbo Loan options;

89.90% LTV (10.10% down) to $1,139,000 Sales Price or 80% LTV (20% down) to $1,280,000 sales priceNo Cash reserve requirement!

o   No mortgage insurance required        
o   No impounds required
o   No cash reserve requirement
o   720 minimum Fico
o   Close in 30 days
o   Owner Occupied or Second home
o   15, 30 yr. fixed rates

Super Jumbo Loan options;

65% LTV to $7.5 mill loan amount or 80% LTV to $2 mill loan amount
o   Cash reserves as low as 4 months
o   100% gift funds allowed
o   Seller carry back allowed
o   Credit scores as low as 660
o   BK, short sales and foreclosures allowed with proper seasoning
o   Non-Owner Occupied loan options
o   I/O features
o   3,5 or 7 year fixed with 30 yr. term
o   Non-Permanent Resident Aliens allowed

o   Loans to Business Entities, LLC’s, Corporations and Limited Partnerships

C. G.   (949) 637-8190
NMLS 324982
terms and conditions as of today 7/24/2015

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