Open House 25 White Sail

My first open house (well not the maiden voyage of holding an open house as I have done hundreds) but this one is special.

Okay here is my list of done items
Boxed up photographs of my children, myself and our adventures
Jewelry in safe deposit box
Tossed safely all extra and old medicines
Guns in safe deposit box (perhaps not politically correct but this girl yes)
Wine cellar emptied
Painted everything excepting daughter's room which I think I'm going to have someone do it-
not enough time for getting her giant mural down and the Ives Klein Blue is going to be a triple coat
Garage sales cleaned out about half of the treasures in the garage, need to sell the rest on ebay
(Anyone need extra surf boards, weight equipment, a treadmill, artwork, mister system and a huge variety of women's designer clothing I purchased in the flush years before the crash that daughter never wore- let me know)
Every thing from window screens, under sinks, tubs, and windows is super clean.
Threw away some area rugs, donated others
Pool is clean fountain running but the dang trees will surely drop stuff all day for me
Cut down the pigmy palm that blocked south side ocean view (yes I used a chain saw)
cleaned glass wall to sparkle up the ocean and canyons views.
Trimmed down all my sweet peas and harvested seeds ( a little early but they were leggy and messy looking)
Power washed brick and driveway
Steaming rosemary, lemon peels and vanilla for air perker freshener smell "betterer" (it's better than fabreze or candles or cookies)
Dog bowls in laundry room, Honey had a bath but she will go to grandma's for the afternoon. Honey is almost 14 out Golden Retriever who is deaf and sunbathes but would greet everyone with fluffy hair.
all laundry washed dried and put away
Kitchen sink looks super white brand new
Did I say I dusted, scrubbed and cleaned again last night?
What did I miss?
Took down the rosary and cross above my dresser.
Hope the kids don't come home and start cooking a nice curry dish at 2:00.
How do I lure buyers to stay out backyard and me romanced by the view, the hummingbirds, the Bells Vireo who is nesting in the gazebo?
1:00 - 4:00
July 25 and July 26th
Saturday and Sunday
come on by
25 White Sail Laguna Niguel
Free organic tomatoes and herbs for the visit!
For Sale By Owner

4 bedrooms 3410 square feet 2 story Cape Code style board and batten singles More than one hundred varieties of roses, organic vegetable gardens, pool, spa, huge party barbecue,
Did I say OCEAN Views from many rooms?
Downstairs bedroom and full bath
Could be 5 bedrooms if you make the huge bonus room have a small closet
(949) 784- 9699
3 fireplaces, plus outdoor fire pit and heater
barbecue with sink, tiled counters, and brick storage areas
brick seating and planters
Two gazebos
Hardwood floors in six in plank downstairs
San Marin Homeowner Association

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