Close your Mortgage On Time

Chicken Little by J G Chandler

The sky is falling
The stock market crashed
TRID is coming
I got this email today:

TRID has real estate agents panicked. Now's your chance to be the hero.
Delayed closings. Adding 15 days to their transactions. Doing walkthroughs a week early (how you are supposed to convince a seller to move out a week early is beyond me).
There are the nightmares shared by agents across the country, and the kicker is that the entities they depend on are actually making it worse...perpetuating the misinformation and freaking everyone out.
It's time you stepped in to save them, and win their trust and their business at the same time.
OriginatorSuccess has made it easier for you to do that by creating a multi-page PDF Agent FAST FAQ guide, and we're giving it to you FOR FREE to share as your own.
We've even made it easy for you to brand it before you share it. This guide isn't going to be available for long though, so you better download it now...
Go ahead, download their two hundred dollar
junk infomercial right here:XXX

Don't worry it isn't going to crash your 
mortgage closings.

Caroline Gerardo at Eagle Home Mortgage 
has you covered. We close on time.
Low rate, great service, loans that make
sense (949) 784-9699

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