C. G. Eagle Home Mortgage California

No matter where you are in California, Eagle Home Mortgage is
here to close your loan quickly and with kindness.
It was a pleasure to work with you on a transaction in 2015. 
I hope you have a terrific and successful 2016. 
I want to pass along points of interest, things we offer that can be helpful to you and your clients in 2016:

            Pre Approvals done same day
            Phone calls always answered.
  Answers for tough questions completed on the phone or within one     hour
            In-House processing, underwriting, docs and funding.
   The whole team is in my office
            Loans underwritten in 24 hours on submitted files
            Loan doc’s same day or within 24 hours. We fund on a Fax.
            Appraisals ordered day one
            FHA/VA, Conventional & Jumbo loan products
            Grant programs, DPA products
            Condo project reviews done in house
            80/10/10 piggy back loans
            Joint marketing
            Mail and printing done In-house  
            Able to talk with on-site underwriters
            Deal Desk
            Close sales in 30 days or less

We exceed expectations daily!

I’ve been closing loans for over 30 years, here at Eagle Home Mortgage funding loans is much, much easier! Referrals have double over the past year as a result…

As part of the Lennar Family (A Fortune 500 company) we have great support and are extremely reliable in mortgage origination.

Have a great and successful New Year,

C. G.
The Loan Lady
(949) 784-9699
NMLS 324982
Commited to Seeing You Home

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