Porter Ranch Gum Wall

Sticky Situations
I received this email from the California Board of Oversight
Regarding Porter Ranch and the gas leak there.
Homeowners have suffered with stinky smells, the worry
about benzene and cancer causing elements in the air, soil
and water. The Gas Company and Los Angeles County
officials have been saying "don't worry be happy its all okay"

Sounds like FLINT Michigan
Here's the letter:

This message has been revised to urge licensees to give payment flexibility to all customers, not only mortgage customers.
The natural gas leak at Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon Storage Facility in Los Angeles County has displaced thousands of people, including homeowners.  The Governor on Jan. 6 declared a state of emergency  in the affected area, which includes Porter Ranch.
I urge Department of Business Oversight (DBO) licensees to work with their affected customers to help them cope with any economic hardships caused by the gas leak.  Financial institutions should ensure customers have ready access to their funds.  Other steps financial institutions can take include expediting the extension of new credit, extending loan repayment terms, restructuring existing loans or offering borrowers more favorable terms on new credit.
Some displaced homeowners are faced with paying rent, in addition to their mortgages, while suffering a reduction in their income.  I urge DBO licensees to work constructively with your affected homeowner customers and provide them appropriate latitude in making scheduled payments on their loans.
DBO examiners will not cite bank or credit union licensees that take prudent actions, consistent with sound practices, to give affected customers payment flexibility.
The DBO also has posted on its website guidance to help affected consumer and homeowners.
I am confident you will cooperate with this request, and do what you can to help your customers and the community you serve.  I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Jan Lynn OwenCommissioner of Business Oversight

OKAY I have no control over allowing Borrowers to not make payments
Why is Governor Brown not doing this? The Southern California Gas
Company should buy everyone's house for the market value before the
My heart goes out to the many homeowners who now are forced to
make mortgage payments on homes that are unsafe perhaps never to
be cleaned up.

Sure this gum wall is totally safe. Come on down and chew a piece
Governor Brown. I recall when he had an assistant B T Collins
drink Malathion to demonstrate it's safety.

Brown smelly malathion was not in that bottle

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