To Do List

Monday morning to do list on my desk:
1. Research drones for article Yes I said UAV with quality photos and aerial mapping
2. begin interviews of all the employees at Eagle on the 5th floor
3. get CD and docs out for M R and T -condo cert on the one
4. mailer prepare second round and decide on text content 1000 pieces by Wed stamped
5. 30 phone calls updating Outlook, Velma and Home Scouting
6. 5 new loans this week
7. post on Active Rain and blog 7 times this week
8. useful content - credit fixing, making lawn green without chemicals, declutter
9. nag window company about dual pane leaks
10. call the car repair place in San Francisco that ripped off daughter stranded
11. send money to Doctor for son's medical bills at college
12. Do kind things, home made oatmeal cookies for office and mail to son in college 
13. pray smile be joyful

What's on your list? 

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