Steps To Downsize Your Home

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Downsizing all stuff I bought to fill up 3500 square feet.
Funny, I filled up my Laguna Niguel home with garden
tools, art supplies, antiques, and duplicate clutter.
This is a process to succeed at my goal.
To live a more simple life.
With my youngest is away at college most of the year, I
found myself rattling around in a big house, completing
weekend warrior chores and hating the leaves in the pool.

Have your family take what they will first.

I next tried selling items on eBay. Ebay is fine if your
item is worth a hundred dollars and it is small. Take good
photographs, check emails, pack and ship the item. If your what-cha-
ma call it is only going to sell for eight dollars you won't make
minimum wage. Read all of eBay's return policy rules, not fair to seller
and their shipping estimates are too low. Etsy is good for small collectibles,
Amazon also has a resale department. I found local consignment stores
weren't a fit as they wanted $400 in advance to pay for the pick up.One
consignment store took items and went out of business, oops.

I had one garage sale and planned to do one this weekend but
rain postponed that idea. Run a free ad on Craig's List. Have small 
change, grocery bags for customers, and lock your house.
Compile your stuff and place on tables.
It's easy to label: "everything here is one dollar." The objective
is to get a little money out of the clutter.
Garage sales are hectic. I know that sounds silly. A lump of people arrive. 
They sift through, pick up the china monkey figurine totem that grandmother
left you. The sounds of your stuff breaking or being pocketed 
(yes people steal small shiny items - go figure) puts you on edge. Most Home
Owner Associations in Orange County frown on or don't allow garage sales. 
Mine doesn't have this written in the C C R's; but neighbors knocked my signs 
down. I know they think it is crummy. Call it "estate sale" to give the aura 
of classy.

Donate what remains. In Orange County there are three great charities
that will send a truck. Bag or box the items and leave in front of garage with
a note. They leave a receipt. You can write off on your tax return up to 50%
of your adjusted gross income. More than 50% can be carried forward for
five years. Take photos, make a list, store the information in the cloud
for next tax season
Saint Vincent de Paul (714) 542- 0448 With Women (800)  990-1772
and Vietnam Veterans (800) 775-8387 are three local non profit organizations
that will pick up your things. 

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