Divorce Buy Refinance or Sell

Divorce and
Your Home
Options and Strategies

Sell House, Buy Out The EX,
Refinance or Counseling? 
As with most issues related to divorce, there is no single best way to handle your
mortgage. We will help you sort through your options and strategies and do our
part to help you at this time... and down the road.
When it comes to planning your home financing future, let the professionals at
Eagle Home Mortgage help you make the best financial decision for you.
We understand it’s not just a house... it’s your home.
Call today for a complimentary mortgage review to discuss your options!
What do I need to consider in order to stay
in my home?
My Spouse is entitled to share in the equity we
have in our home... how is this handled?
If you’ve decided to keep your home,
you may wonder...
In many divorces, the home is often refinanced.
When married couples both have their names
listed on the mortgage, one person may need to
be removed if they no longer own the property.
Can I purchase a new home? If so, can I purchase
another home while still listed on my previous mortgage
or before the divorce is final?
If you’ve decided not to keep your home,
you may wonder...
Although a new home may be what you are
interested in, you need to remember that if your
name is still on your current mortgage, issues may
arise when trying to qualify for your new loan.

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