Refinance Low Rates

I would like to let you know that TODAY mortgage rates 
have once again dropped to historic levels. 
It’s a great time to take a look at your current mortgage
 / mortgages and compare with current market rates.

If you have one of the following I would highly suggest a review:

Rate above 3.875%
Mortgage where you pay Mortgage Insurance
1st & 2nd combo - consolidate into one loan
Term above 15 years
Need for cash out for home improvement, debt consolidation 
or equity extraction?

With current home values at record highs,
 mortgage rates at record lows and mortgage insurance costs 
with record low premiums there is a lot to be gained with a refinance review.  
Send me a copy of your mortgage statement or call me with questions.
 I can quickly review and make some suggestions that will save you $$.

(949) 784-9699
NMLS 324982 

This is not a loan commitment nor a rate commitment
June 14 2016 rates change a couple times a day
Terms and conditions apply
Stop by for lunch, call first and we will include
you in the pot luck

Some photographs of our office having lunch at the end
of a hard working month. We have everything here in
house- processing, Underwriting, Funding, Review

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