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Orange County California Plant Nurseries 2016
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Where can I find this plant?


This nurs­ery located in Irvine is a bit hard to find. They car­ry a out­door plants, pots and fountains. If you Google search of Mapquest the loca­tion it maps it incor­rectly. The nurs­ery is located on Alton south of Sand Canyon right under the large power lines. Palms, succulents, not big variety, but they have expanded on the gravel driveway shade areas to grow an sell more drought tolerant plants in large containers. Prices for succulents are high.  This site is close to the Irvine Spectrum. With all the development in the area, expect for them to move to cheaper land

6900 Alton Park­way, Irvine California 92618
Tele­phone number: (949) 727‑4395 /​Monday through Saturday 8 – 5

Paid Delivery

Ana­heim Whole­sale Nurs­ery and Land­scape Supply

This is a very large nurs­ery. Wear your rubber soled shoes or gardening clogs. Staff is friendly and knoweldgable. The nurs­ery grows their own plants and car­ries a selec­tion of peren­ni­als, trees and shrubs. There is lim­ited “color” annuals and flowers. They carry a few seasonal standards. Because they grow their own you will have less problems with plants committing harikari in your garden. Often nurseries buy from growers who truck in plants that are forced in lightweight medium, have mold that causes damp off as soon as you get them home.

1550 N Glas­sell St., Orange, CA 92867
Tele­phone number: 714−282−8501 Monday — Saturday  7 am – 4 pm, Closed Sun
 Paid Delivery

Batavia Gar­dens

Not to be confused with apartment complex... Family owned not a chain. They care about customers.
This lovley nurs­ery has been open since 1972. They offer a wide range of bed­ding and land­scap­ing plants and  shade plant selec­tions. They also have top­i­aries, bonzai, pots, veg­eta­bles, fruit trees and sup­plies. Land­scape designer, Parry Hamada is on staff.

1730 N Batavia St., Orange Cal­i­for­nia 92865
Tele­phone number: 714−637−2360 ​Mon — Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm, Sun 9 am — 4 pm, Closed Tues
 Paid Delivery


Blue Hills nursery

Founded in the 1950s by the Naka­mura fam­ily and is still under their own­er­ship. Family owned pride is noticeable when you enter. In addi­tion to annu­als and peren­ni­als, they carry  fruit trees, Japan­ese maples, camel­lias, roses and pond plants. There is a gift shop on site.

16440 E Whit­tier Blvd.,Whittier, CA 90603
Tele­phone number: 562−947−2013 Open Daily  8:30 am –5 pm
Paid Delivery

Brita’s Old Town Gar­dens

The gentleman at the counter who is a retired teacher is willing to share all his gardening secrets if you ask... This is a  well stocked and tidy nurs­ery. Prices are low! They spe­cial­iz­e in drought tol­er­ant plants and they carry rain col­lec­tion bar­rels, pots, soil, fer­til­izer, gifts and gar­den supplies. Like most nurseries they have a friendly cat who works with the employees (Cats not an indicator of a master gardener but of one who knows how to control mice)

255 Main Street, Seal Beach, California 90740
Tele­phone number: (562) 430‑5019 /​Mon — Sat 9am — 5pm Sun­day 10am — 5 pm
 Paid Delivery


Dana Point Nursery

Otsubo fam­ily nursery since 1947. Pricing is high. This is somewhere to buy a gift or plants as flower arrangement. The pre­sen­ta­tion of suc­cu­lents in pots and wreaths, bon­sais and bed­ding and land­scap­ing plants is out­stand­ing. Great seasonal gifts in colors- reds for December and February and muted Fall oranges and burgundy. Someone here is an artist at buying and arranging the raised stands. Plenty of bedding flowers, gift items dog leashes and bowls. Dana Point is looking good. The design for Pacific Coast Highway is the stupidest mess of a modern planning department but the nursery seems to survive. (PCH once was one way south and separated by an island north bound - now it so confusing and hard to turn into businesses)

34100 Pacific Coast High­way, Dana Point, California  92629
Tele­phone number: 949−496−5137 ​Monday — Saturday 8 am –5 pm, Sunday 9 am — 4 pm
 Paid Delivery
D and M Color
Wholesale only


Dragon Fly Shops and Gar­dens
https:/ /​www​.drag​on​fly​shop​sandgar​dens​.com

This lit­tle cot­tage house is a com­bi­na­tion gift shop, nurs­ery and gar­den shop. Suc­cu­lent arrange­ments and wreaths, stat­u­ary and a small but unusual selec­tion of plants are fea­tured. Not a place to buy many plants to re-do for the season. High prices. Great for gifts, flower arrangement gifts rather than buying from Trader Joe's these items are special.

260 N Glas­sell St., Orange CA 92866
Tele­phone number: 714−289−4689 ​Monday— Friday 10 am –5 pm, Saturday 9 am — 5 pm, Sunday 11 am — 3 pm
no delivery but you can call Eclipse Messenger and they will deliver

Green Mart
https:/ /​www​.mygreen​mart​.com

This nursery/​floral shop (orchids) has been owned by the Chou fam­ily since 1986. They spe­cial­ize in trop­i­cal fruit trees – they carry or can find exotic trees. They have some unusual small to medium containers.

400 W Lin­coln Ave., Orange, California 92865
Tele­phone:number  714−637−2060 Daily not Tuesday ​8:30 am –5 pm. Closed Tues

Paid Delivery


Green Thumb Inter­na­tional
https:/ /​www​.green​thumb​.com

Large nurs­ery with good selec­tion of annu­als, peren­ni­als,  shrubs, water plants, patio fur­ni­ture, unbrellas, flags, gar­den sup­plies, irri­ga­tion sup­plies,  They have a green house with ferns, a few orchids and African violets. Pond plants in galvanized containers.

23782 Bridger, Lake For­est, California
Tele­phone number: 949−837−3040 Open 7 days
 Paid Deliv­ery


House of Bon­sai

Everything about bonsai. Plants, how to DIY, feeding, watering, light, and finished wonderful potted bonsai. Also some other succulents

5214 Palo Verde Avenue, Lake­wood, California 90713
Tele­phone number: 562−804−6888 Daily but not Monday 9 am — 5pm closed Monday


Hunt­ing­ton Gar­den Cen­ter

This not the Huntington Library but is a wonderful  nurs­ery with lots of variety in a small space. . They have beau­ti­ful hang­ing bas­kets great for gifts. The owner, Vin­cent Hakes is very helpful and kind.

19121 Brookhurst St., Hunt­ing­ton Beach, California 92643
Tele­phone number: 714−963−6522 Monday — Saturday 8 am – 6 pm, Sunday 9 am — 5 pm. Shorter win­ter hours.
 Paid Deliv­ery, Free Deliv­ery with $200.00 purchase.

Ito Nurs­ery
Gone - family is still watering trees on the lot and will do some landscape work. Lawsuit with the city and Zoomar's petting zoo was the beginning of the end. The City of San Juan Capistrano failed the community and listened to the loud voices of a few special interest persons.
This five acre  nurs­ery is  fenced vacant located in his­toric down­town San Juan Capis­trano (the old­est road in the state of Cal­i­for­nia runs along their prop­erty).  The nurs­ery has been owned and oper­ated by Sheree and Doug Ito for 40 years, they are selling trees to local gardeners. Very sad

31825 Los Rios St., San Juan Capis­trano, California 92675
Tele­phone: 949−661−7291


Laguna Nurs­ery

Gone- this location is/was large street front on Pacific Coast Highway
Takashi "Pete" Kawaratani opened Laguna Nursery in 1948 and owned it for 51 years
Rogers Gardens operated the nursery for a time under the name Haster Grove, Rubin Flores opened in 2007 near the height of the recession. He and partner tried to include: nature walks, history hikes, musical events and wealth of landscape information but the space is so large and rents so high you would need to be selling gold bullion at a discount. The store became more of an antique shop to boost profits.
California environmental protection rules are crazy to small businesses. Nursery owners must now add infrastructure to capture water runoff before it enters storm drains- this would be impossible in this older building.
1370 S. Coast High­way, Laguna Beach,


Laguna Gar­dens Nursery
Gone gone gone - oh my heavens so many closed and gone...
Jocelyne and Kevin Naughton owned 30 years lived in rear of property
This charm­ing nurs­ery in Laguna Canyon was fam­ily owned since 1986, organic gardeners before it was popular.


Laguna Hills Nursery
829 N. Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 542-5600
Gary and Nancy Matsuoka's  small  retail store and farmer's markets keeps them working

Lake­wood Nursery

Three acres plus of a huge variety of plants, fertilizers and equipment you need. Reasonable prices

4114 Lin­coln Ave., Cypress, California 90630
Tele­phone: 714−828−9464 ​Monday — Saturday 9 — 5:30 Sunday 9 — 5
 Paid Delivery

Mimosa Nurs­ery


Large nurs­ery with a big selec­tion of Asian and South Pacific fruit trees,  roses, palms and rare bamboos.

2700 W Cres­cent Ave., Ana­heim, CA, 92801
Tele­phone number: 714−828−0780  Daily ​8 am – 5 pm

Paid Delivery


M and M Nurs­ery

Everything for your tiny cute fairy gar­den. Those little wheelbarrows do all the work. They carry plenty of sup­plies, plants and arrange­ments. Great for minia­ture enthu­si­asts and rail­road­ers, They have lots of tiny plants. Children love this place. Take your little ones and hold their hand. They also carry great stat­ues and foun­tains. Seasonal plants as well

380 N Tustin, Orange, California 92867
Tele­phone number: 714−538−8042 /​9 am – 4:30 pm 7 days a week
 Paid Delivery

Pacific Par­adise

This 6 acre nurs­ery is all busi­ness. For help, ask for Maria in the retail sec­tion. The office is in the mid­dle of the long nar­row lot. They have a lot of every­thing – you might want to call first.

1621 Euclid Ave., Ana­heim, CA
Tele­phone: 714−999−1190 /​Mon — Sat 7:30 am – 3:30 pm, Closed Sun

Free Delivery(with $500 pur­chase), Paid Delivery

Plant Depot
Large staff can order plants takes a week or three. I've ordered from Rick and he forgets.
A large nurs­ery that has been owned and oper­ated by the same fam­ily for 20 years. They carry peren­ni­als, shrubs, trees, water plants, a few California natives, acces­sories and foun­tains. There is a huge gift shop that car­ries sea­sonal items, cute signs, gifts for gardeners, birdhouses, windchimes and fun things. Annuals shipped in from a variety of local and southern California fields. I bought mature trees and they installed for me. I shop here once a month or more.

33413 San Juan Creek, San Juan Capis­trano, California 92675
Tele­phone number : 949−240−2107 Monday — Saturday 8 am – 5 pm, Sunday 9 am — 5 pm

Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

The Plant Stand

Inte­rior and house plants with a focus on tropicals. Varieties of  bromeli­ads, orchids from greenhouse and lower water palms, cac­tus, and suc­cu­lents. Nice selection of pots. High prices

2972-​A Cen­tury Place, Costa Mesa, California
Tele­phone: (800) 698‑1077 Monday-​Friday 8am-​6pm, Saturday  9am-​6pm, Sunday 10am-​6pm

Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery, Paid Delivery


The Pot­ting Shed at Fuller­ton Arboretum

https://www​.fuller​tonar​bore​tum​.org        (click on Plant Sales)

Volunteers at Fuller­ton Arbore­tum oper­ate a com­mer­cial grow­ing nurs­ery on the grounds of the Arbore­tum.  open weekends and special sales- check website GREAT prices
These are not cruddy plants grown in a puppy mill in light nothing soil, they will live!
Tele­phone: 657−278−3407 ​Saturday — Sunday 10 am – 4 pm. Closed August

Roger’s Gar­dens

Luxury and full service for the gardener who doesn't get dirt under their finger nails.
Great classes check the website or call always changing
Think florist that arranges huge pots with a special variety of lovely plants.
They deliver potted plants or fountains redesigned to your yard. Landscape for the season such as Fall color or Christmas extravaganza
This is a shopping destination. Spend a couple hours looking and plan your gifts!

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Corona del Mar, California 92625
Tele­phone: 800−647−2356  9 am – 5 pm, Daily
paid delivery

Sakioka Whole­sale Nurs­ery

This huge seven acre property sells retail as well as grows nursery plants. They spe­cial­ize in ground cover flats and bed­ding plants, but they also have an expan­sive inven­tory, includ­ing sod and plant­ing soil by the yard.

15761 New­land St., West­min­ster, Califronia  92683
Tele­phone: 714−898−0345 Monday — Saturday  7 am – 4 pm, Closed Sunday

 Paid Delivery

Sea­side Grow­ers


This is a walk back in time. Sea­side Grow­ers is hid­den away on 2 and 1⁄2 acres, near the 405 free­way in San Juan Capis­trano. Drive past one of the few last standing Adobe's in Southern California and there is no plaque or tourists. Owned by the Cas­sady fam­ily since 1995, it is reached via a dri­ve­way off Camino Capis­trano, which skirts a mobile home park and crosses a rail­ road track. The grounds feel like Maui. The owner will answer a thousand questions. They moved inventory to more low water but still carry gor­geous palms and trop­i­cals. They also carry suc­cu­lents, bam­boo, wide vari­eties of shade plants, bananas, cit­rus trees and more. Worth the find!  LOW prices

33773 Camino Capis­trano, San Juan Capis­trano, California 92624
Tele­phone: 949−493−7854 ​Monday — Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday 9 am — 4 pm, Closed Sun

Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery, Paid Delivery

Shore Gar­dens Nursery

Down­town San Clemente not my favorite. It’s been owned by the Car­rick fam­ily since 1952.

201 S Ola Vista, San Clemente, California 92672
Tele­phone: 949−942−3526 Monday — Saturday 8 am – 5 pm, Sunday 9 am — 4 pm
 Free Local Deliv­ery (with $70 pur­chase), Paid Delivery

Stevens Gar­den
Pots and fountains was the first to carry blue Vietnamese pots when I bought some a century ago and they still look great. If you are buying a large pot - you MUST go here. They have everything tucked in on the hill. Also many fountains and pots that can become dribble fountains. Dream and they will deliver it.
Close to the 5 Freeway

27401 Ortega High­way, San Juan Capis­trano, California 92675
Tele­phone: 949−481−2632 /​8 am – 5 pm 7 days a week

Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Tree of Life Nurs­ery


Must be my favorite. Take a stroll back 200 years and visit the retail shop in a darling Spanish cottage. They grow California natives on the huge lot. Check out the Saturday Classes. After you go to Stevens keep going on the Ortega just before Casper's Park left hand side.

33201 Ortega High­way, San Juan Capis­trano, California 92693
Tele­phone: 949−728−0685 Monday — Saturday 9 am – 4 pm. Closed Saturday dur­ing the sum­mer as is hot and dusty. Call before going on Sat.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Amer­i­can Express
Paid Delivery

Trop­i­cal Vibe Nurs­ery and Land­scape

John Men­doza has the to die for tropicals. Not open daily

20322 Kline Drive, New­port Beach, CA 92660
Tele­phone: (949) 340‑5444 ​Fri­day 9am-​4pm, Sat 9am-​4pm, by appt Tues-​Thurs, closed Mon­day

Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery, Paid Delivery

Tustin Mead­ows Nursery

I don't know this one as well as others. Please comment and supply your rating

815 S Esplanade, Orange, California 92869
Tele­phone: 714−771−5529 Monday — Saturday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, Sunday 12 noon — 4 pm
 Free Delivery

UC Urvine Arboretum /

http://​arbore​tum​.bio​.uci​.edu/    (click on Event Calendar)

Monthly plant sales from the College growing fields

UC Irvine N Cam­pus
Tele­phone number call first : 949−824−5833 see web­site for hours

Upland Nurs­ery

 Plume­ria and 30 types of Japan­ese Maples to die for.

1518 N Tustin St, Orange, California 92867
Tele­phone: 714−538−4500 /9 am – 5 pm, 7 days a week
Paid Delivery

Vil­lage Nurs­eries

35 years in business, two locations, huge selection Forget Home Depot these people will answer questions

1582 N Tustin Ave, Orange, California 92867
Tele­phone: 714−998−8751 ​Monday — Saturday 7 am – 5 pm, Sunday 8 am — 4:30 pm
10500 Garfield Ave, Hunt­ing­ton Beach, California 92646
Tele­phone: 714−963−5372
Paid Delivery

Tele­phone: 949−240−2107

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