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GSFA Lender Bulletin   |   Program Bulletin #17-0217   |   February 17, 2017

GSFA Platinum & MCC Lenders,
Here's another opportunity to learn about the advantages of conventional loans under the GSFA Platinum down payment assistance program...

woman with megaphone

Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Program
- Lender Training Webinar

Training will include a program overview along with a question and answer session with representatives from Freddie Mac. Please pre-register as space is limited. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the webinar details upon completion of your registration.

What is Freddie Mac HFA Advantage?

Freddie Mac HFA Advantage mortgage offers outstanding flexibility for maximum financing. This offering adopts the responsible and affordable flexibilities and requirements of Freddie Mac Home Possible Advantage but with added flexibilities for Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs). Call C G at (949) 784-9699 for  terms and conditions 
NMLS 324982

***REMINDER - MCC Promotion Ends March 31st***
$250 OFF Application Fee



For any GSFA MCC[] reservation made through March 31, 2017, GSFA has lowered the Application Fee from $350 to $100. That's a $250 savings to borrowers!

The federal income tax advantage provided by the GSFA MCC is equal to 20% of the mortgage interest paid annually. This means that 20% of the annual mortgage interest paid is deducted directly from annual tax debt. The remaining 80% of the mortgage interest can still qualify to be taken as a deduction from gross income in the usual manner. 

The approval of an MCC, may also help the homebuyer to qualify for the mortgage loan itself. To learn more, visit visit our website and/or register to attend a Training & Education[] webinar.
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Ortega Highway Opens!

I live off the Ortega a mile from the closure. Residents who live
here on the Orange County side of the Highway usually have a seven minute
ride to town. Thousands of commuters from Riverside use the Highway to
get to family, work, schools, church or just to get groceries and fuel.
The road has been closed three weeks. It takes me two and a half hours one
way to work. Thank heavens I've been able to have my daughter stay with
family to avoid the worry of her driving five hours a day. The commute is

My heart goes out to businesses who rely on transportation. 
The Tree of Life Nursery, The Candy Store and Hell's Kitchen 
to name a few suffer.
The good news is sources say (Chumo construction) it will reopen 
Thursday the 16th of February, 
while Cal Trans reports to open the 21st.
CalTrans was not on top of the repairs. 
They sent the one engineering camera to Sinkhole Steve.
The press mistakenly called it a sink hole- really they call it a slip out.
The dirt under the road was pushed by creek flow into the river below. 
Speculation: Rancho Mission Viejo graded the road above to allow the sway
to flow towards the highway. Rancho Mission Viejo wants to develop this
way and shut down all available dirt roads that pass through. Are they worried
about the kit fox and her den near Christianitos Road? Or yellow frogs who
are endangered that reside up here? I don't know. 

Positive things I notice from the road closure:
It is amazing wonderland up here.
The hillsides are chartreuse green, wildflowers blooming and no road 
traffic on weekends or fatal motorcycle accidents. Three waterfalls are
pouring out clean water. There's a spring that appeared where I live.

When it opens come on up and go hike. Bring peanuts for the blue jays. I have about twenty here,
not normal I think they are missing hikers who leave them a little treat. Buy a sandwich and some home made cookies at the Candy Shop, and stop and pickup native plants for the next day at Tree of Life Nursery.  Come enjoy a piece of heaven!
Photos taken Sunday at 11 AM


5% Down Jumbo NO MI

The above photograph is of an epi in my organic garden.
Confused by the rain and intermittent sunny days at the ranch
it threw off this bloom the size of a basketball.
Happy sign Spring is early!

Estimated mortgage rates for the weekend


15 year fixed 3.250%
30 year fixed 4.125%
7/1 ARM         3.625%


15 year fixed 3.250%
30 year fixed 3.875%
5/1 ARM         3.500%


15 year fixed 4.125%
30 year fixed 4.500%
7/1 ARM          3.875%

The above rates based on 760 credit, 60% LTV. Rates subject to change until locked.
Rates change a couple times a day. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend

Get your clients pre-approved over the weekend, text or call   Have a great weekend! C G Caroline Gerardo Barbeau  
(949) 784-9699

apply now it's free
NMLS 324982


Trump Dumping Dodd Frank

 Trump to dump Dodd Frank
Yippee Kah yeh
Hell froze over
But what will the new regulations be?
No new plan, yet.
Privatize Fannie and Freddie- 
 put them together and forget receivership.
I cannot say what the legal argument to
repeal Volker and Dood Frank will be...
national security?
Since they are laws... stay tuned.