Get your Offer Accepted and Sit Pretty

You know the basics: sit come, and down for dog training 
 but Real Estate is not that simple. In this Seller's Market it
is difficult to get your offer accepted. Here's a list of strategies to get into your next home.
Simple commands to get Seller to Accept your offer:

Know the location and market you are shopping in advance. I can share Home Scouting app   password is 9497849699

  1. Get in ASAP to view the property, before broker preview. Be respectful and quiet while walking through the home, take notes, or images. Discuss with your agent in the car.
  2. Write thank you note to listing agent addressed to seller 
  3. Get clean offer in immediately with every line exact
  4. Make your highest and best offer first without a list of requests
  5. Have loan pre-approval from lender who can close in 20 days. Write the contract with 7 day contingencies. Make sure lender writes that they can complete appraisal in 7 days ad final approval in 10 days. Get your paperwork in to lender BEFORE making offers.  You agent can note that if seller needs more time to rent back, that may be possible
  6. Large earnest money deposit
  7.  Show large down payment, cross out account numbers
  8. Write a personal letter about why you love this house the details why it suits your needs

Work with local agent who is well respected and lender also who is respected.
Your auntie from 200 miles away may not have the clout that a buyer's agent in the neighborhood has. Same with lender, an online lender or big box bank may not close on time

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