Orange County Property Taxes Going UP ? Appeal

Orange County Property tax bills increasing two percent in 2018.
Above images- how you want them to see your home and
how Orange County Tax Assessor sees your house (castle).
How to appeal you property tax increase in Orange County California
This increase is unusual.
Homeowners have until November 30th to appeal.
Attached are the appeal instructions.  If you need help, call me and come in.
No charge, let’s see if rising property values help or not….

Article here from OC register

May also be found here:
or contact the clerk of your local board 

Filing application for reduced assessment doesn't automatically reduce your bill. You must continue to pay the taxes on the subject property on or before the applicable due date shown on the tax bill.

The appeals board has two years from the date an application is filed to hear and render a decision. If a reduction is granted, a proportionate refund of taxes paid will be made by the county.
Based on the evidence submitted at the hearing, the appeals board can increase, decrease, or not change an assessment. The decision of the appeals board upon this application is final; the appeals board may not reconsider or rehear any application. However, either the applicant or the assessor may bring timely action in superior court for review of an adverse action.

The appeals board can hear matters concerning an assessor’s allocation of exempt values. However, it cannot hear matters relating to a person’s or organization’s eligibility for a property tax exemption. Appeals regarding the denial of exemptions are under the jurisdiction of the assessor and/or the courts.
The following instructions apply to the corresponding sections on the application form. Please type or print in ink all information on the application form.
Enter the name and mailing address of the applicant as shown on the tax bill or notice. 

Provide the contact information for an agent, attorney, or relative if filing on behalf of the applicant. You are not required to have professional representation. If you have an agent to assist you, the applicant must complete the Agent Authorization portion of this form or attach an authorization which includes the information indicated below.
If the agent is not a California-licensed attorney or one of the relatives indicated in the certification section, you must complete this section, or an agent’s authorization may be attached to this application. An attached authorization must contain all of the following information.
• The date the authorization is executed.
• A statement that the agent is authorized to sign and file
applications in the calendar year of the application.
• The specific parcel(s) or assessment(s) covered by the
authorization, or a statement that the agent is authorized
to represent the applicant on all parcels and assessments
located within the county that the application is being
• The name, address, and telephone number of the agent.
• The applicant’s signature and title.
• A statement that the agent will provide the applicant with a
copy of the application.
Enter the appropriate number from your assessment notice or from your tax bill. If the property is personal property (e.g., an aircraft or boat), enter the account/tax bill number from your tax bill. Enter a brief description of the property location, such as street address, city, and zip code, sufficient to identify the property and assessment being appealed.
COLUMN A. Enter the amounts shown on your assessment notice or tax bill for the year being appealed.  If you are appealing a current year assessment (base year or decline in value) and have not received an assessment notice, or are unsure of the values to enter in this section, please contact the assessor’s office. If you are appealing a calamity reassessment, penalty assessment, or an assessment related to a change in ownership, new construction, roll change, or escape assessment, refer to the assessment notice you received.
COLUMN B. Enter your opinion of value for each of the applicable categories. If you do not state an opinion of value, it will result in the rejection of your application. Call me if you need an AVM or automated valuation and some comparables. You may attache a letter explaining condition of subject and improvements needed
COLUMN C.. Do not enter anything in this column.
Check only one item per application. Check the item that best describes the assessment you are appealing.
Regular Assessment filing dates are: (1) July 2 through September 15 for all property located in the county provided the county assessor sent a notice of assessed value by August 1 to all assessees with real property on the local roll; or (2) July 2 through November 30 for all property located in the county if the county assessor did not send notices of assessed values. Filing deadlines may be viewed at
Check the Regular Assessment box for:
• Decline in value appeals (value as of January 1 of current
• Change in ownership and new construction appeals
when the 60 day filing period for a supplemental
assessment appeal has been missed, provided the
following January 1 after change of ownership or new
construction has passed.
Supplemental Assessment filing dates are within 60 days after the mailing date printed on the supplemental notice or supplemental tax bill, or the postmark date of the notice or tax bill, whichever is later. Check the Supplemental Assessment box for:
• Change in ownership and new construction appeals filed
within 60 days of the mailing date printed on the
supplemental assessment notice or supplemental tax bill,
or the postmark date of the notice or tax bill, whichever is
Roll Change/Escape Assessment/Penalty Assessment filing dates are within 60 days after the mailing date printed on the assessment notice, or the postmark date of the notice, whichever is later.
Calamity Reassessment filing dates are within six months after the mailing of the assessment notice. Check the Roll Change/Escape Assessment/Calamity Reassessment box for:
• Roll corrections
• Escape assessments, including those discovered upon
• Penalty Assessments
• Property damaged by misfortune or calamity

Please check the item or items describing your reason(s) for filing this application. You may attach a brief explanation if necessary. Evidence must be presented at the hearing; do not attach hearing evidence to this application. You can add simple explanation and then details at hearing. They read what you file so make it be exact
A Decline in Value appeal means that you believe the market value of the property on January 1 of the current year is less than the assessed value for the property. If you select Decline in Value, be advised that the application will only be effective for the one year appealed. Subsequent
years will normally require additional filings during the regular assessment appeal filing period.

Only applications filed for penalties imposed by the assessor can be removed by the board. A penalty assessed by the tax collector cannot be removed by the appeals board; for example, late charges on payments.
For classification of property, indicate whether you are appealing only an item, category, or class of property. Please attach a separate sheet identifying what property will be the subject of this appeal. Allocation of value is the division of total value between various components, such as land and improvements.
Appeal after an Audit must include a complete description of each property being appealed, and the reason for the appeal. Contact the clerk to determine what documents must be submitted. If not timely submitted, it will result in the denial of your application.
Written findings of facts are explanations of the appeals board’s decision, and will be necessary if you intend to seek judicial review of an adverse appeals board decision. Findings of facts can only be requested if your appeal is heard before a board and if made in writing at any time prior to the commencement of the hearing. Failure to pay the required fees prior to the conclusion of the hearing will be deemed a waiver
of the request. Requests for a tape recording or transcript must be made no later than 60 days after the final determination by the appeals board. Contact the clerk to determine the appropriate fee; do not send payment with your application.
Indicate whether you want to designate this application as a claim for refund. If action in superior court is anticipated, designating this application as a claim for refund may affect the time period in which you can file suit. NOTE: If for any reason you decide to withdraw this application, that action will also constitute withdrawal of your claim for refund.
If your property is a single family dwelling, condominium, townhouse, multi-family dwelling of four or less units or the roll value of your appeal is less than $500,000, you may request a hearing officer consider your appeal. It should be noted that Findings of Facts are not available when your appeal is heard before a hearing officer. As well, when you request a hearing before a hearing officer, every attempt will be made to accommodate your request, but your request cannot be assured.
CERTIFICATION - Check the box that best describes your status as the person filing the application.
You may request an “exchange of information” between yourself and the assessor regardless of the assessed value of the property. If the assessed value of the property exceeds $100,000, the assessor may initiate an “exchange of information” This is a great idea. Ask for what information the county used to come up with value, see their cards. Such a request may be filed with this application or may be filed any time prior to 30 days before the commencement of the hearing on this application. The request must contain the basis of your opinion of value. Include comparable sales, cost, and income data where appropriate to support the value.
Property transfers may be inspected at the assessor’s office for a fee not to exceed $10. The list contains transfers that have occurred within the county over the last two years. Flipping, selling to relatives and entities will be reviewed. Warning...

By Mail: Orange County Assessment Appeals Board
P.O. Box 22023
Santa Ana, CA 92702-2023
In Person: Clerk of the Board Department
333. W. Santa Ana Blvd., Ste. 101
Santa Ana, CA 92701


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