Hepatitis A Solutions for California

The death toll for Hepatitis A is now at twenty people with more than five hundred infected in California. (as of October 31, 2017)
Three in one hundred homeless persons have the infection which is passed by fecal
material on hand contact in poor sanitary conditions. The virus is not "curable" but there
is medication to survive an infection. Homeless persons have less access to healthcare and sanitary conditions, cities with large homeless populations are seeing the highest numbers of infections. San Diego, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and anywhere it's warm and we have relaxed police policies we will see a huge increase in the numbers of deaths and infections in the coming 2018 year

If you live near or next to homeless camps or homeless persons living on the street you must be extra vigilant about washing your hands with hot water and soap and shake after fifteen times to air dry before eating, after going to public places and before going to sleep. Practice not touching or itching your face. Consider getting the vaccine.

This epidemic isn't being covered by the news. Perhaps the story is not that interesting. 

Items you may consider giving to homeless persons: disinfectant wipes, 
find out where hepatitis A vaccines are being given for free and make a flyer, 
make camping washing stations from milk jugs and put nails in the lid to allow water to spray and a roll of paper towels and liquid soap.
What else can we do?

Fixing the homeless situation is a larger problem. 
We could build simple structures from metal containers, cut out welded windows and doors, add insulation and a shade roof. These could be made into simple mobile homes that are set up on land with community showers and community kitchens. The cost to construct per unit is $19000 cost to rehab a building or build the community building with concrete shower stalls $120000.

All I need is the land and the money to start construction...


Tax Reductions for California Fire Disasters

Tax relief, reduce your property tax bill with county 

Reduce income taxes for IRS AND Franchise Tax California when you file 

Do not assume you will automatically receive anything, you must file and ask for help in writing

Claim for property tax relief due to damage or destruction caused by major fire calamity
·         Applies to all Property Types
·         Assessment Reduction
·         Applies to Real or Personal Property
·         Any Disaster or Calamity
Proposition 50
Claim for the transfer of base year value to replacement property within County for property damaged or destroyed in a Governor-declared disaster.
[Revenue & Taxation Code section 69]
·         Applies to all Property Types
·         Base Year Value Transfer
·         Either Land or Improvements
·         Governor-Declared Disasters
Proposition 171
Claim for the transfer of base year value to replacement property outside of Sonoma County for property damaged or destroyed in a Governor-declared disaster.
[Revenue & Taxation Code section 69.3]
·         Applies to Principal Place of Residence
·         Base Year Value Transfer
·         Either Land or Improvements
·         Governor-Declared Disasters 
Proposition 1
Claim for base year value transfers from a qualified contaminated property to a replacement property within the same county.
[Revenue & Taxation Code section 69.4]
·         Applies to Principal Place of Residence
·         Base Year Value Transfer
·         Either Land or Improvements
·         Qualified Contaminated Property

Tax relief available after the fire
1.     Reduce property tax due to value loss
2.     Move tax basis to another county
3.     Move tax basis to new property
4.     IRS loss Casualty loss.  You may be able to deduct losses based on the damage done to your property during a disaster. A casualty is a sudden, unexpected or unusual event. This includes natural disasters of fires
5.     State Franchise Tax Board also offers calamity tax relief

You must apply for the tax loss through the county assessor. They do not automatically give homeowners credit. Don’t assume the assessor will give you a fair amount of tax loss. Land value is going to be drastically reduced because of contaminants and chemicals from the fire. We will rebuild but certain areas that were destroyed may reduce in land value because of the event and stigma.

6.     The application submitted by the person who was the owner of the damaged property on the lien date (January 1) and who will be liable for the property taxes for the next fiscal year.
7.     The damage must have occurred due to misfortune or calamity without fault of the owner.
8.     You must apply within 12 months of the date on which the disaster occurred or within 60 days following the date an application form is mailed to you from the Assessor's Office.
9.     The damage must exceed $10,000 in value loss.
I can email or send you the pdf of the form or help you fill it out. You need the address and APN number available on the county tax website lookup. DO NOT underestimate costs. Construction cost to rebuild figure in high-cost areas is $400 to $440 per square foot. Some properties may not be able to be rebuilt to the like kind. Some properties in rural Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Nevada, Sonoma and Yuba Counties may be more expensive to re-construct.

Beware of giving contractors large cash up front. Contractors will be stressed to the financial maximum and will charge higher fees to complete work. Contractors may take on more work than they can reasonably finish to deadlines. Time costs money. Your insurance adjuster is not your pal. Videotape, cell phone photos and save all to the cloud- google cloud, or iPhone cloud or what you have- email to yourself and save.
Make lists of everything you think you lost and consult others – children, friends, relatives who may recall items in your home. They may also have photographs of the home during holidays, compile these images.

before October 7, 2018, 
BUT they take time to process the claim. 
They may not backtrack retroactive your tax reduction. 
Do it now.
Here is what they need:

Address of damaged property
Type of damaged property:
Assessor's Parcel No.
Personal Property:
If unsecured,
Tax Bill No.
Real Property:
The damage was caused by fire and

Describe the damages

  My estimate of the amount of damage is:

 Real Property $__________Taxable

Date damage occurred

 The damaged or destroyed property consisted of

Equipment Supplies and personal Property $

repair or replacement started__

 Date repair or replacement complete

 9) If not completed, estimated completion date ___________________________________________________________________________________

I declare under penalty of perjury that all of the foregoing statements are, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct. Name (please print) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________________________________ Date ________________________________________________ Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone (Work) ________________________________________________________ (Home) _______________________________________________ SCAO 023 6/16 AB Please attach any available supporting evidence, such as repair bills, estimates and photographs. Sonoma County Assessor _______________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ _____________ Vessel or Aircraft: Registration No.___________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________Total $__________________ ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Application For Reassessment of Property Damaged by Misfortune or Calamity Eligibility Requirements Section 170 of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California and Sonoma County Ordinances contain provisions for reassessment of propert damaged or destroyed by misfortune or calamity. A brief summary of eligibility requirements is as follows: y 1. The application must be made by the person who, on January 1, was the owner of, or had in his possession, or under his control, the taxable property which suffered damage or by a person who acquired the property after January 1 and is liable for the taxes for the next fiscal year commencing July 1. 2. The damage must have occurred by misfortune or calamity, without fault of the owner or applicant. 3. The application must be delivered to the assessor within twelve (12) months of the date on which the calamity or misfortune occurred. 4. The damage must be shown to be in excess of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000). I hereby apply for reassessment of the following described property which was damaged or destroyed through no fault of my own, and which damage or destruction was in excess of $10,000. (per R&T code 170) 2) 585 Fiscal Dr., Rm 104 Santa Rosa CA 95403-2872 707-565-1888

Mindful the county assessor offices have also been evacuated and may be distrupted. Keep copies, follow up, you may need to arbitrate fight or refile 

Desgravación fiscal disponible después del incendio
1. Reducir el impuesto a la propiedad debido a la pérdida de valor
2. Mover la base impositiva a otro condado
3. Mover la base impositiva a la nueva propiedad
4. Pérdida del IRS Pérdida de heridos. Es posible que pueda deducir las pérdidas en función del daño infligido a su propiedad durante un desastre. Una víctima es un evento repentino, inesperado o inusual. Esto puede incluir desastres naturales como huracanes, incendios, tornados, inundaciones y terremotos.
5. La Junta Estatal de Impuestos de Franquicias también ofrece alivio de impuestos por calamidades

Debe solicitar la pérdida de impuestos a través del asesor del condado. No otorgan automáticamente crédito a los propietarios. No asuma que el asesor le dará una cantidad justa de pérdida de impuestos. El valor de la tierra se reducirá drásticamente debido a los contaminantes y productos químicos del incendio. Reconstruiremos, pero ciertas áreas que fueron destruidas pueden reducir el valor de la tierra debido al evento y el estigma.

6. La solicitud debe ser presentada por la persona que era dueña de la propiedad dañada en la fecha de embargo (1 de enero) y quien será responsable de los impuestos a la propiedad para el próximo año fiscal.
7. El daño debe haber ocurrido debido a una desgracia o calamidad sin culpa del propietario.
8. Debe presentar su solicitud dentro de los 12 meses a partir de la fecha en que ocurrió el desastre o dentro de los 60 días posteriores a la fecha en que se le envió por correo un formulario de solicitud de la Oficina del Asesor.
9. El daño debe exceder $ 10,000 en pérdida de valor.
Puedo enviarte un correo electrónico o un pdf del formulario o ayudarte a completarlo. Necesita la dirección y el número de APN disponibles en la búsqueda del sitio web de impuestos del condado. NO subestimes los costos. El costo de construcción para reconstruir figuras en áreas de alto costo es de $ 400 a $ 440 por pie cuadrado. Es posible que algunas propiedades no se puedan reconstruir del mismo modo. Algunas propiedades en los condados rurales de Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Nevada, Sonoma y Yuba pueden ser más caras de reconstruir.
 Tenga cuidado de dar a los contratistas un gran dinero por adelantado. Los contratistas serán estresados al máximo financiero y cobrarán tarifas más altas para completar el trabajo. Los contratistas pueden asumir más trabajo de lo que pueden razonablemente terminar con los plazos. El tiempo cuesta dinero. Su ajustador de seguro no es su amigo. Cinta de video, fotos de teléfonos celulares y guárdelo todo en la nube: google cloud, o iphone cloud o lo que tenga, envíe un correo electrónico a usted y guárdelo.
Haga listas de todo lo que cree que perdió y consulte a otras personas: niños, amigos, familiares que pueden recordar artículos en su hogar. También pueden tener fotografías de la casa durante las vacaciones, compilar estas imágenes.

EL FORMULARIO DE RECLAMACIÓN AL CONDADO DEBE SER ENVIADO POR CORREO antes del 7 de octubre de 2018 PERO se toman su tiempo para procesar el reclamo. Es posible que no respalden la retroactividad de su reducción de impuestos. Hazlo ahora.
Esto es lo que necesitan:

APN dirección cantidad de pérdida en dólares fecha de la pérdida cuando planeas reconstruir

copyright © Caroline Gerardo October 2017


Reverse Mortgage Facts

Autumn Mortgage Greetings

Mortgage closing Stalled in California due to FEMA disaster area?
I can help!

Parent thinking about Reverse Mortgage to make life easier?
Let's talk!

Need money for the down payment - we have grants up to
$21000.00 ( terms and conditions apply, income limits,
California counties )
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Autumn greetings!
Praying for cooler weather in California!

Wesh Center Crew



Upstream is going live in the Bay Area, California.
Will the National Association of Realtors Play ball?

I see a few enhanced things that come of this— 

Information of the lockbox available to show:

1. number of showings per property
2. rate of showings
3. neighborhood activity
4. days of the week activity
5. time and motion study on everything from list to close to analyze how to do it better without the Realtors

The broker will be able to edit the listing and "fine tune." 

   If agent moves office broker can edit information.
   Broker adds or edits photographs and improves the narrative describing the property, and makes it compliant.
   Broker chooses which systems the information will be able to access. For example, if local MLS does not want to share on Zillow or Trulia this could be blocked.

BUT why oh why doesn't the NAR develop it's own OWN OWNED— Super Multiple Listing Data and control who gets to use it?      Why give away the milk for free?

Why doesn't NAR have a national directory of agents with detailed
profiles- face shot, video, number of closed sales, specialty, degrees, and more?

Why not only go to one place that the NAR controls rather than
giving away free steaks?

Reminds me of the riots in Los Angeles in 1992. I'm sitting in the parking lot of a multifamily building I own under construction. The donut store across the street is on fire. Neighborhood persons run down Bonnie Brae yelling to me, "C G go get your free steaks!" In his arms, a stack of meat and bottles of alcohol.

Does the NAR not see that free steaks harm the market?
What about consumer privacy rights?
Do we want a camera videotaping minor children walking through a listing?

Initially, this was sold to Realtors as Data Managment that brokers control, but this is not true.

Do you hear Zillow screaming? Nope. I hear them rubbing saddle soap on their hands for the roundup.

Do you watermark all your photos with your own URL? Better start.

Why open up the cattle gates in the Bay Area? Why not get all the nitty gritty
details on the highest priced best of the herd in the United States...

Alex Lange is CEO,  HBS Harvard Business School
Experience working for Big Box Banks
corporate headquarters is in Seattle Washington



Second Offer

Today's real estate funny

Submit the second offer first.
You may have a second drink but not the first


How I chose my realtor

About four hundred business cards, twenty regular mailers in US post office, a few random door
knocked who I never met, and the home phone that I never answer full of agents for listing appointments.

In the end I made two appointments. Both top sales teams in the county. One does more print ads, the other does short "films" of homes. Friends who are Realtor agents were pouty, mad, and some made
mean comments. I didn't use agent who was listing side, as they were not straightforward. I didn't use a from the few Realtors who send me mortgage business because this was vital to my personal life and I wanted to be free to push for what I needed.
In the end I wasn't  totally happy with my choice. Agent office double ended deal and sent buyer to their mortgage guy friend who ended up being the biggest liar I ever worked with. JMJ financial sent out approval letter on a file that was never underwritten,. It took 70 days not 30 to close because the Loan Officer continued to lie.. I had two back up buyers who continued to call every day after day 30, I told escrow in writing the deal was cancelled. Nothing about the transaction was easy, because the mortgage broker was searching to find a place to fund the loan while making up stories every day.

In the end the Borrowers signed loan documents (without legal wait period of Closing Disclosure), funded and recorded on Friday without my approval as it was a Friday before a long weekend. I ended up paying for 5 days of interest ( $1409.90 cost) and was pushed out of the houe in a firedrill with no notice. I did not have opportunity to wait for moving van on Monday and hired 4 "guys" and rented trucks to move a 3700 square foot house. A nightmare closing.

Now time has passed. Agent who I like contacts me to make a recommendation on a real estate website. I think I'll wait another year before I post a rating as it won't be 5 stars.

So an insider who has sold and bought more than 60 residential and 19 commercial properties one would think got the best service, cheapest commission and best deal. No.
I paid full commission. I believe the buyer got the best service. I did accomplish my goal of down sizing but it was terrible awful painful when it could have been much better.

Listing agent did not listen to my needs. Seller can't make arrangements to move when buyer's loan was not final loan approved. JMJ financial it appears no longer has this guy but owner Ryan Gale is still there and he did not care one bit.


  • Congressional oversight of the CFPB?
  • Will Cordray quit before they fire him for failing to cooperate with suppoenas
  •  Financial CHOICE Act affect the CFPB's director?
  • What new rights does the ACT grant a party facing a CFPB enforcement action?
  • How would it change what the CFPB must consider in issuing regulations?
  • easier for a financial institution or service provider to obtain compliance advice from the CFPB?
  •  CFPB's authority to enforce UDAAP laws and regulations?

What would be the practical impact of all of these changes on providers of consumer financial products and services?
Are Major Changes to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Enforcement Authority Coming?
On June 8, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Financial CHOICE Act, which, if enacted, reins in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) giving Congress control over its budget and funding.The Act forces the CFPB to bring regulatory actions in a court of law, if asked; and removing the CFPB's authority with respect to enforcement actions involving unfair, deceptive and abusive acts and practices (UDAAP). The CFPB has been the most effective – and aggressive – federal regulatory agency we've seen in years. Its rules of the road have not always been clear, and many in the regulated community believe the agency has gone too far in bringing some enforcement actions. Enactment of the Financial CHOICE Act would significantly change how the CFPB enforces federal consumer financial protection laws, which would give some relief and more regulatory certainty to the regulated community.

Richard Cordray is rumored to be running for Governor of Ohio. He knows his days are numbered. There's a crew of Republicans who want him out, including our President
Democratic spin on Ohio
Washington wants to gut the CFBR 
Trash the bureau which fined so many big banks and stodgy bankers.
They collected billions in fines and the money stays with the CFBP
President Donald Trump can’t replace Cordray without firing him for cause, an act that carries its own political risk given the bureau’s popularity with the public 
Hensarling and other lawmakers are expected to file a resolution to overturn the rule under the Congressional Review Act
citing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray for contempt of Congress


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