Hungarian Paprika Vegan Bean Recipe

Hungarian Paprika
A friend of mine brought this excellent Hungarian Paprika back from her trip. It is strong and woody and yummy.
 This vegan recipe is easy and fast

Mushrooms, red bell peppers, Maui onion rough chopped

Saute the mushrooms, onion, and bell peppers in olive oil

pot simmering

oh wait there's a glass of red wine on the counter, you may need a dash to sweeten the pot

1 medium Maui sweet onion chopped coarse
1 Tablespoon good olive oil
4 large mushrooms sliced large
1 carrot grated thin
4 cloves garlic sliced very thin
1 red bell pepper sliced
1 medium tomato chopped coarse
can of pinto beans drained
teaspoon soy sauce
half teaspoon Great Hungarian paprika
half teaspoon fresh ground pepper
half teaspoon thyme
half cup vegetable stock if cooks down fast
1/2 teaspoon salt

Saute onions 2 minutes in the oil
add all the other vegetables and saute 2 minutes
add beans and spice
 simmer 5 minutes it may need more liquid to keep from
sticking, add vegetable stock slowly
taste- does it need salt? add 1/4 teaspoon at a time

Ready in 15 minutes including prep time four minutes
Turn off heat and cover let it meld
Serve with corn bread, garlic toast or what comforts your soul
Cook time 10 minutes, prep time 4, sip of wine 1

Small bowl ( 3/4  cup ) is 180 calories
Nutrition:  I know it is protein 10 grams protein and nutrient rich,
but add the vitamin C in the pepper and B-6 and Vitamin A
to the other vegetables and it's good
You can add more vegetable stock if you want it soup-y
author: Caroline Gerardo
Cuisine: Vegan
Easy to make



A mortgage refinance creates numerous opportunities for homeowners. Traditionally, homeowners choose to refinance to secure a lower interest rate or change the terms of the loan. There are other advantages to refinancing, as well, depending on your situation.
Are you ready for a mortgage refinance? Do you know someone else who might be? Review our personalized refinance checklist below and if you get a “yes” to one or more of these questions, it might be the right time:
  • Can you lower your interest rate? Mortgage interest rates can fluctuate based on the borrower’s financial profile and greater economic influencers.  Payment reduction is also vital to review your monthly budget
  • Has your credit score improved? If you’ve made your mortgage payments on time, lowered your debt-to-income ratio, and used other credit accounts responsibly, chances are your credit score has improved. A higher credit score can help you refinance into a better loan program with a lower interest rate or shorter loan terms.
  • Can you shorten your loan terms? You may have financed your original home purchase with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, but after a few years you find you might benefit from a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. Shorter term mortgages tend to have lower interest rates, and a term refinance can help you take advantage of those lower rates.
  • Do you want to convert from adjustable-rate to fixed-rate or vice versa? The advantages of an adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgage vary from homeowner to homeowner. Whether your original mortgage was an adjustable-rate or a fixed-rate, the current interest rate environment may be better suited for the other type.
  • Do you want to tap into home equity? As home values continue to rise, many homeowners are considering withdrawing home equity to use for home improvements, to pay down debts, or to meet other financial goals. If your home has appreciated in value since its purchase, and you have at least 20% equity in your home, a cash-out refinance or refinance into a Home Equity Line of Credit may be a great option for you.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, or you know someone that would, we should talk! Before pursuing a mortgage refinance, it is best to have me review the specific situation to determine whether or not it’s the right move. Let's make 2019 wonderful !  

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Advantages to Mortgages and Home Ownership

Your home is MUCH more than a place to store your things or keep you dry when it’s raining outside. It is also a very important component in your overall financial foundation. I just want you to know that I understand this and am dedicated to helping you find the right mortgage solution. Not just for today - but also for the long haul.
Here are my Top 3 Financial Advantages to Home Ownership:
 1) The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction: Perhaps the most powerful financial incentive for owning (versus renting) is the home owner’s ability to deduct certain expenses (such as mortgage interest) from their taxable income. You may wonder:
What impact will this have on my financial foundation?
 I’d be happy to walk you through some of the answers to that question. As you can imagine, numerous factors are involved and one size often does not fit all. Please call me at 949 784- 9699 if you’d like to set some time aside to analyze your situation. Let's talk about the maximum amount you may deduct today
2) Forced Savings - Equity: If you’re like me, you love any opportunity to build equity in something of value over time. That’s why I believe you’re going to enjoy chipping away at your loan’s principal balance with each monthly payment. Depending on the program you select, you might only see small momentum at first. But over time the percentage you’re contributing toward the equity in your home will continue to grow - as will your feeling of self worth and satisfaction. To see a specific example of how this momentum will build for you, please be sure to ask me for an amortization schedule for the loan scenarios we analyze together.
3) Long Term Potential for Appreciation: Let me be clear - there are no guarantees the home you buy will appreciate in value - especially in the short term. In fact, sometimes real estate can actually drop in value. However, if you research the past 75 years of our country’s history, you’ll find that over time real estate purchased properly shows propensity for long term appreciation.
That being said, I always recommend my clients buy a house because they’re going to love spending half their time (or more) there - not because they think one house will appreciate more than another. After all, how does one put a price tag on happiness?

 I sincerely appreciate you allowing me this opportunity to help educate you on the home buying process.


Mortgage Loans With the Governemnt Shut Down

photo  of me no makeup lol

The United States Government shut down, again, may find some borrowers unable to close their loan.
This will disrupt banks  who have offered rate locks and loan commitments because certain verification systems are run by our government, Do not expect Bank of America or Chase to extend your rate lock for free.

I have many work arounds and can close loans. Interest rates in the short term have actually gone down so holding on or paying to extend your lock is not necessary. We are going to close mortgage loans and get the necessary documentation from the IRS, USDA, FEMA and many others after the fact assuming this shut down is short term we should be able to help you. Although some government employees may feel the pain of not being paid over the holidays, here is my Christmas cheer. Call me and I'll assist.
(949) 784-9699

 VA has already been funded for the fiscal year. Unfortunately, USDA will not issue any new guarantees during the shutdown.  FHA and Ginnie Mae are expected continue core business operations (e.g. FHA Connection would remain operational and Ginnie Mae would issue new commitment authority for the foreseeable future.)  

Important US Government  lending topics:

  • Tax Transcripts
  • VA Lending
  • HUD – FHA & Ginnie Mae
  • USDA
  • National Flood Insurance Program is Affected
  • Verbal Verification of Employment – Government Employees
In all cases, non-agency transactions are subject to investor guidance

Effective Date:  The temporary policy changes outlined in this bulletin are effective immediately and are in effect until further notice.

Tax Transcripts

Wholesale/Retail – Applies to FHA, VA, USDA & Agency:
  • CMG is temporarily suspending the requirement for IRS Tax or W-2 Transcripts to close a mortgage loan. Completed 4506-T forms, signed at closing, continue to be required.
Correspondent – Applies to FHA, VA, USDA & Agency:
  • IRS Tax and W-2 Transcripts will not be required for loan delivery However, completed 4506-T forms, signed at closing, continue to be required for loan delivery. Note: Correspondent Lender must obtain tax transcripts on applicable loans when the federal government shutdown ends. Once tax transcripts are received lender will compare the income documents to the transcripts and loans with discrepancies may be subject to repurchase.
For all channels, non agency loans must meet investor specific requirements.

VA Lending

Based on past shutdowns, the VA has determined that housing is an "essential service”.  If the shutdown lasts for an extended period, additional delays may be expected.  As of today, the following apply:

·         Housing is viewed as an essential service
Link to VA Contingency Plan:  

HUD – FHA & Ginnie Mae

FHA will continue issuing case numbers and insuring loans.  Per the Contingency Plan:  
·         Will insure single-family loans 
·         Will support the following origination operations 
o    Case numbers:   Cancellations, reinstatements and transfers
o    Case numbers are being assigned
o    Resolution of the hold tracking queue  
·         Will review Notice of Return violations on pre-endorsement loans
·         Will address any CAIVRS errors to avoid borrowers being denied a loan
·         FHA systems (e.g. Connection and LEAP) will be operational
o    Actions requiring interaction w/ FHA staff will either be delayed or suspended
·         Call center ( and National Servicing Center will be operating
·         Condominium project approvals under HUD Review and Approval Process (HRAP) will NOT be processed.  Eligible lenders will be permitted to continue to process under DELRAP.
·         Servicing issues will be supported.  Payment of claims, servicing of Secretary-held mortgages, ensuring continuity of FHA’s REO disposition process and servicer mitigation activities will continue.
·         IRS Tax or W-2 Transcripts to close a mortgage loan to be gathered after the fact. (See “Tax Transcripts” in this announcement)

Link to HUD Contingency Plan:  


No new RD rural housing conditional commitments or loan guarantees will be issued.
·         Loans closed during a shutdown are done at the lender’s risk.
·         Loans w/ conditional commitments cannot be guaranteed until the shutdown is ended.
·         The Lender Interactive Network Connection (LINC) is expected to be operational.
o    This includes GUS and other front-end systems
·         At this time, few will allow funding/purchase of USDA loans that already have the conditional commitment but not the guarantee.

Link USDA Rural Development Contingency Plan:  

National Flood Insurance Program Is Affected

NFIP will not be issuing new or renewing any policies during the shutdown. When flood insurance is required, proof either at or prior to funding of a complete current "in-force" flood insurance policy must be obtained.  Sufficient content to be able to determine adequacy of coverage and appropriate dates of coverage that is dated on or before December 21, 2018 is required. If the borrower does not produce acceptable proof of flood insurance coverage for the minimum amount required, the loan is not eligible to be closed/purchased.  Exceptions are not permitted for any reason.

Acceptable evidence of Flood Insurance when both the application for the coverage and proof of paid receipt are dated prior to December 22, 2018:
  • a complete application for flood insurance signed by the insurance agent, and
  • application content must be sufficient to be able to determine adequacy of coverage and appropriate dates of coverage accompanied by a paid receipt, and
  • loans that do not have proper evidence of active flood insurance at closing must receive exception approved from  Corporate Credit, and
  • steps must be taken to follow up that the coverage is issued and activated once the NFIP insurance authority is renewed.
In instances where the premium is paid at closing, a Closing Disclosure that evidences premium payment is an acceptable form of paid receipt. Both the application for the coverage and proof of paid receipt must be dated prior to December 22, 2018.

Private Flood: Policies from private insurers are not impacted by the NFIP hiatus and are an acceptable form of flood insurance if allowed by the loan program/final investor

FHA Reminder:  FHA does not accept private flood insurance.  FHA has an FAQ that states:

A property is not eligible for FHA insurance if:
·         a residential building and related improvements to the property are located within SFHA Zone A, a Special Flood Zone Area ,or Zone V, a Coastal Area, and insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is not available in the community.


Verbal Verification of Employment – Government Employees

  • Borrowers employed by the federal government where a VVOE cannot be obtained prior to closing are not eligible.  Borrowers must return to work prior to closing in order to use the income for qualification purposes.
  • As a reminder, if the borrower is in the military, a military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) dated within 30 days of closing is acceptable in lieu of a VVOE.

I am working today while #mnuchin parties with movie stars and tells the  banks not to allow a run. 


Compare Refinance Cash Out Options

Compare apples and oranges, well really, payments verses long term costs. We’re coming pretty close in the home financing industry.
And if you’re at all interested in using your home’s equity to access cash, then this comparison is for you.


There are two common ways to get cash from your home—a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a cash-out refinance.

In the current environment, many people want to keep the great interest rate they already have on their home loan, so they automatically choose a HELOC over a refinance. But wait—there’s a big difference that can make the benefits hard to compare at a glance. HELOCs have adjustable interest rates, whereas most home loans are fixed.

Take a look. If you’re interested in exploring your options more, please reach out. I’ll be happy to help.
Let's talk (949) 784- 9699 any day on your clock
Thank you for reading

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C G Moves to CMG

I moved to CMG Financial for all the right reasons.

Experience Extraordinary!
As a direct Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Seller-Servicer, approved Ginnie Mae Issuer and with a near nationwide presence, CMG Financial is widely known for responsible lending practices, product innovation, consumer advocacy, and operational agility.

The CMG Difference.
At CMG Financial, we know that buying a home is one of the largest investments most Americans will make in a lifetime. Guided by integrity and driven by a passion for providing outstanding customer service, the company operates differently then most firms in the industry. We understand that no two households are the same and the needs of each household are as unique as a fingerprint. From the very first consultation to the closing of your loan, my team of skilled, passionate professionals and I are dedicated to delivering the right loans, for the right reasons, in a way that exceeds expectations.
  • Comprehensive products, including Conventional, FHA, HARP, VA, and USDA
  • Local, experienced and able to lead you from start to finish
  • In-house underwriting
  • Timely and efficient closings

Caroline C G Gerardo Barbeau | Loan Officer
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The Fed Did not Raise Interest Rates Today

Ten Year Yields
Yield Spreads
Mortgage Rates
Today Jay Powell did not raise rates!!

Meanwhile President Trump is not happy with the Fed

LOAN Limits Dollar Amounts Increase

FHFA, the regulator of Fannie and Freddie, announced today that the standard conforming loan limit will increase from 453,100 to 484,350 for 2019.  The new ceiling for High-cost area limits will be $726,525 (which is 150% of 484,350).  Fannie and Freddie will release the full report on high cost area loan limits that are in between the stand limit and the ceiling soon.  Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still government loans, but dollar increase is helpful in high cost areas

The limits for Fannie and Freddie are typically based on acquisition date, meaning that we will likely be able to close at the new limits towards the latter part of December as long as we don’t sell the loans to them until after 1/1/2019.  We will announce the soonest closing dates for the new limits once our loan origination system vendor implements the changes and Fannie and Freddie give guidance on their automated underwriting engines.

We are still waiting on FHA to update their limits, so stay tuned for further updates.  I expect FHA to increase as well


How to Deal With Insurance After the Fire

Heart image I took last year in Boston's worst snow storm

How to Deal with Insurance After the Fires
California has a huge task of work ahead for us.
Homeowners who want to rebuild need to make 
claims and get planning. This is a list of some ideas
to keep in mind making a claim in the CAMPFIRE or
Woolsey Fire or any wild fire for that matter

You are entitled to assisted living expenses. That means your insurer can cut you a check often on the spot for expenses for expenses you've incurred from your mandatory evacuation. Keep copies of food bills, anything you bought even a soda.
It’s going to be hard to get new insurance and you may have to go to California Fair Plan which is not great. Make sure you add extended replacement cost endorsement. This is basically additional coverage intended to accommodate at least a portion of any unexpected cost increases.
You can also purchase additional coverage for code upgrades. For example, the rules might have changed for electrical systems or insulation since your house was built. Code-upgrade insurance protects you from so-called better-ments that your policy may not address.

Some policies don’t cover the foundation and plumbing, even if you have guaranteed replacement cost. The insurance company is required to settle in thirty days. Although they are human and out there making claims DO NOT assume they are going to help you make a total claim, they work for the company and shareholders. 

Rebuilding will be more costly than normal construction because there will be huge demand. Costs may run higher. Find out what Lowe’s are closing and buy at discount while they are closing stores. Think about using your settlement check and applying for FHA 203H which would allow 100% rebuild costs to add to the check. Call me if you need help with this (949) 784- 9699

Hopefully you have a video or photographs of your personal property, if not begin now and send to relatives who have visited to add to the list.  You won’t recall everything.

Make a complete list
Go room by room in a circle, mentally go through the drawers to recall what you owned

Electronics- televisions, old cell phones in desk, routers, the cable box that the cable company will charge you for (by the way turn off the cable now) printers, scanners, screens, and more.
Power sources
Framed artwork
Framed photographs
Carpet, rugs
Furniture: style, fabric, size
Side tables
Light fixtures
Pots pans
Kitchen tools, blender, mixer, oven, toaster, broiler, refrigerator, name the make and models
Food in the refrigerator and cupboards
Linens- kitchen ones, bedding, blankets, pillows
Night stands
Bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, brooms, vacuum,
Bathroom shampoos, creams, makeup, nail polish, razors, tooth supplies, medicines, aromatherapy bottles, perfume,
Clothing oh my gosh this is a huge list- shoes, dresses, pants, party outfits, costumes, winter clothing, bathing suits…
Don’t forget your Christmas ornaments and all the decorations, candles, gee gaws and nick nacks

Then have someone double check again
Ask for help. We are all in this together.
LOVE and hugs and prayers

California Fire Victims Construction Loans or FHA Rehab Mortgages

President Trump declared federal disaster zones in Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in California

 Homeowners who are victims of these devastating fires are eligible for FHA rehab loans or construction loans. . With the Presidentially-Declared Major Disaster Area (PDMDA) in effect we are able to assist those victims through the FHA 203(h) program.

If you need help with forms or paperwork, call me and I will come and complete for you.

Borrowers may not have paper IRS taxes, w-2 forms and bank statements ready on hand but we will
find a way to recreate what is needed. Call me  (949) 784- 9699 

  • No Down Payment
    The FHA 203(h) Home Mortgage requires no down payment as one way to help victims of a major disaster get back into a home easier and more quickly, understanding the economic hardships that accompany these types of loss.
  • 100% Financing
    Homebuyers may finance a home for 100% of the purchase price.
  • Lower Closing Costs
    FHA loans allow sellers to give up to 6% of a home's purchase price to an FHA buyer to pay for loan closing costs.
  • Easier Credit Qualifying
    The FHA 203(h) allows for some leniency with mortgage payment history on damaged property but credit score minimums will still apply.
  • Government Insured
    The FHA loan is insured by the government. Supreme Lending can offer options for home buyers that might not qualify for a conventional product.

Camp Fire Woolsey Fire  Malibu Paradise 


Realtor Choice

Just sharing the cards and requests for listing appointments.
Blue seems to be the predominant print color for real estate
branding. Head shots for women vary but for men it's a
three quarter view in a dark suit.

Four agents mailed multiple personalized letters which
arrive weekly. A few dropped notes on my doorstep.
The most effective were those who asked if they
could make an appointment.

Since I am in a related business for now thirty years,
as a mortgage banker and loan officer I
know many agents on a personal level.
What I wanted from a listing agent:
One with largest internet presence
One who will pay for and run advertisements
One who has large social media platform to share
One who is honest, clear, kind, and smart.
One who likes dogs (I have an elderly Golden Retriever
dog, Great Pyrenees and a naughty chihuahua).
One who won't put a lock box on the house, I have
valuables and I want some monitoring of who goes in.
One who will do a large broker preview and one open house.
One who writes a perfect contract, or has staff who can.
One who will negotiate and represent the property as
if it was their own.
Communicates timely, doesn't text, knows the market,
doesn't gossip, has joyful heart, and sells this property
for full price