How To Get YOUR Offer Accepted

Stop worrying about making contingent offers that Sellers won't accept.
Don't wait for a rainy day to purchase a move up house

Do you  need short-term access to cash and can’t wait for your property to sell?
We can help!

Eagle Home Mortgage is now offering a 12 month Bridge Loan. Give your clients the option to access the equity in their property before its sold.
Plus, there’s no ATR requirement. Instead of a lengthy qualification process, borrowers are only asked to provide proof of assets or income source for the 12 monthly payments.

12 month Bridge Loan Eligibility Highlights

  • 1-4 Unit Single Family
  • Primary residence, second Home and investment properties
  • 680 minimum FICO
  • $500,000 minimum loan amount
  • 55% max LTV
  • U. S. Citizens only

Call me today to learn how you can help your clients get the cash they need without waiting for their properties to sell.

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Grant Now a Lien For Three Years

Well if you have any fence sitters who need the assistance from the GSFA Platinum program you will need to let them know starting March 1st it is no longer a total gift/grant. There will be a 2nd lien that is not forgivable for 3 years so if it is a short term purchase or if they were told they can refinance in 6 months that is no longer a viable option as the grant will have to be paid back in full.

Might get a few buyers to move a little quicker!! Realtors need to know this as well J

Changes to Down Payment Assistance, Effective March 1, 2018

Effective for GSFA Platinum mortgage loans reserved on or after March 1, 2018, the optional down payment assistance will be provided in the form of a second mortgage, forgivable after 3 years and with a 0% interest rate. The forgivable second mortgage replaces the existing down payment assistance gift.

Helping individuals and families bridge the affordability gap in homeownership remains GSFA's focus and we continue to navigate the changing housing market to generate the most innovative and competitive programs and products we can.

The Program will continue to feature various mortgage loan types and assistance options for Lenders to choose from in order to best meet the needs of borrowers.

GSFA will provide additional direction and guidelines to GSFA Platinum Participating Lenders in the coming weeks.



Menifee two houses for sale on one acre lot
Sales price listed is $549,900.

Because the houses are manufactured not many lenders will entertain this loan.

Cannot go FHA or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

Twenty percent down payment needed and full documentation (qualify with tax returns)
Great opportunity to have Grandmother in second home or use second home to pay your

Bombing the Creek Again

Letter regarding dynamiting in Silverado Canyon AGAIN


Who benefits from this?

Dear Friends,

After significant media coverage, meetings, letter writing campaigns, a petition and phone calls, our community thought we saved one of the two beloved swimming holes in Silverado Creek, Orange county California but the United States Forest Service just sent this notification indicating that they intend to use the same methods (military explosives in the creek) to destroy the remaining historic stone dam, which will destroy our last swimming hole, including sensitive wildlife habitat. The other swimming holes were destroyed last year during peak flow and mating season for California newts and other sensitive riparian species.  
Note: Arroyo Toads are in this area and a pair of Kit Fox have two young babies within site.

In May of 2017, a rare western pond turtle was reported to be found by a bicyclist in the national forest along Maple Springs Rd.  Photos were taken of the turtle to positively identify the turtle.  There is a risk of killing this turtle and potentially others because they hibernate underwater during several months in the winter. They cluster in the shallow end of the pond.  A pond turtle will estivate during summer droughts by burying itself in soft bottom mud. 

Forest Supervisor Will Metz, Biologist Kirsten Winter & District Ranger Darrell Vance are not interested in altering their project to address our concerns.  They are not interested in the simple, cost effective option of leaving the remaining historic dam ruins in Silverado, Trabuco and San Juan Creeks to erode away naturally over the next few wet seasons.  I have included the contact information of their supervisors below.  The question remains, what are we, as tax-paying citizens, going to do to obligate our public servants to address our community's concerns? 

1) Chief Tony Tooke - 800-832-1355, 201 14th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024
2) Regional Forester Randy Moore, Pacific Southwest Region (R5) - 707-562-8737 

Joel Robinson


Seed Catalogs

It's winter. On the ranch that means shopping seed catalogs.
I used to trade seeds at Seed savers exchange but I don't have
much to trade this year. It's so dry here the heirlooms I grew in Coastal Orange County all die. The experiment has been to find vegetables and flowers that can live with low water. Here is a list of seed sellers and some growers who I have ordered from in the past. The list is in my personal order of preference rather than alphabetical. I highly recommend all the links on this list

If you have any that you love, please comment and let me know. I prefer non GMO seeds. What do you like?
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Seeds of Change
Victory Seeds
Tomatoes photograph by Jonathan Otto

Center of the Web
rare and exotic seeds

Baker Creek by far the most beautiful picture packets.
though I usually say don't by picture packs they cost much more than trading seeds and you are paying for printing, catalog and packing BUT this is so gorgeous and the seed packs at you garden center will sing siren mermaid songs that will carry you through digging, bug squishing and harvest with joy

Cloudview FARM

Arc Institute

heirloom seeds

Goodwin Seeds

southern exposure


Tax Reform Chart regarding mortgage interest

Tax Reform Law Chart:
Not great news for California high cost housing

Prior Law vs. New Law Provisions of Interest
Prior Law New Law Mortgage Interest Deduction Capped at $1,000,000 Capped at $750,000
State and Local Tax Deduction Unlimited The total of income, sales and property tax deductions is capped at $10,000
Capital Gains Exemption on Sale of Primary Residence Exclusion of up to $250,000 ($500,000 if married) of gain realized on sale or exchange of principal residence if lived in for 2 of last 5 years No change
1031 Like-Kind Exchanges Applied to all classes of property (e.g., personal and real) Limits non-recognition of gain to real property
Personal Deduction Allowed Eliminated Standard Deduction $6,350 individual and $12,700 if married $12,000 individual and $24,000 if married
MID for second Homes Capped at $1,000,000 Capped at $750,000
Home Equity Loan Deduction Capped at $100,000 Not deductible unless the proceeds are used to substantially improve the property
Moving Expense Exclusion and Deduction Deduction for moving expenses incurred in connection with change in work place Eliminated except for members of armed forces on active duty that move pursuant to military orders
Child Tax Credit $1,000 for each child $2,000 for each child Deduction for Qualified Business Income of Pass-Through Entities including independent contractors None 20% deduction of taxable income phased out above $157,000 ($315,000 if married) for brokerage services
Depreciation Recovery Period for Real Property (Residential Rental) Recovery period is 27.5 years No change
 Depreciation Recovery Period for Real Property (nonresidential) Recovery period is 39 years No change Depreciation Recovery Period for Real Property (leasehold improvements) Recovery period is 15 years No change