Succulent Planters

Recycled planters for Succulents

succulents in recycled plumbing parts
Upcycled Water Spigots
perhaps you call them
sillcocks but these were being
disposed. I added to iron
plant hangers then used a paper towel
with a little grey and white paint
that was in the garage and lumpy,
to match up and age the "Pot"

Soil is 2/3 gravel  1/3 compost (free)
with a few cuttings of succulents.
Put a sprinkle of cinnamon on the callused
cutting which encourages roots
and keeps out rot.

Water once a week

Total cost $3.00 for the plant hangers

They make nice gifts
Old parts become new art. Below are a number of photographs of all types of pots, some crazy but they work. I'm a believer in free crockery is fun.
Thanks for reading
Caroline Gerardo  ©  all images on this page are under copyright May 18 2018 and belong to me 
Wire hanging basket with begonia fern and adjuga 

Old cutting board glued to tin pot

Metal discarded vent grate pot with succulents

Variety of coleus taking over the terra cotta pot

metal tubs once used in the kitchen with hydrangea, primrose, and begonia 

another metal container with Hydrangea be certain to have half the pot with gravel as this does not have a drain hole

pallet wood and old terra cotta crockery ©

Little copy of Meghan and Harry bouquet ©

mixed shade plants in back on north side ©

drift wood and sphagnum moss "pot" for succulents
I nailed pieces of drift wood together. Then used wire and picture hangers on the rear.
Tuck in the succulents and spray or mist depending on your climate image is copyright may 2018 caroline gerardo 

old wooden kitchen appliance with succulents

herbs in bag various mints and lemon balm

lavender, thyme, oregano, and parsley in a bag on the wall

cute owls garden art

spectacular lupine about three feet tall in a old black plastic pot

Gallardia for my son in a blue pot from Vietnam 

goofy metal art pot
orchids in bloom - yes I'm winning against spider mites

click twice on the video to make it play

moss, succulents and vines covering an old wood bench

Rosa Carolina outside my house this morning

ALL images are mine and copyrighted  ©  May 21 2018

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