Investing in Opportunity Funds

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Investing in Opportunity Zone Funds to offset real estate or other capital gains. Opportunity Funds gather investor capital to purchase, rehabilitate, construct and or hold and collect income from real estate in designated distressed or impoverished areas of the United States. Excluded are golf courses, casinos, liquor stores, and a few other vice related real estate investments.

An Opportunity Zone is an economically-distressed community where these new investments, under certain conditions, may offset IRS taxes. Localities qualify as Opportunity Zones if they have that designation by the state and are certified by the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017.

This is a  tax benefit to high net worth investors. First, investors can defer tax on any prior gains invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) until the earlier of the date on which the investment in a QOF is sold or exchanged, or December 31, 2026.   If the QOF investment is held for longer than 5 years, there is a 10% exclusion of the deferred gain.  If held for more than 7 years, the 10% becomes 15%.  Second, if the investor holds the investment in the Opportunity Fund for at least ten years, the investor is eligible for an increase in basis of the QOF investment equal to its fair market value on the date that the QOF investment is sold or exchanged.

Locations of the zones is designated by census tract within boundaries set by the 2017 Act
 2018-48 (PDF) and in 2019-42 (PDF).  Further, a visual map of the census tracts designated as Qualified Opportunity Zones may also be found at Opportunity Zones Resources.

A Corporation or LLC can become an Opportunity Zone Fund by filing with the IRS and investing half its interests into census tract projects that can be land, residential, commercial and multi use. Most of these Funds are new and according to Preqin's report only thirty percent of the managers are experienced managers. Investing in distressed locations, blighted rural land and failed projects is dirty hard work to make a profit on the real estate investment. Fund Managers approach the very wealthy who have capital gains to offset into such a fund. Investors must have a minimum of a million dollars in assets not including their primary residence, This unregulated investment is of the highest risk for capital loss rather than gain, it only feels like a vehicle to avoid paying income taxes in a given year, which could be pushed out as far as 12/31/2026

The highest number of QOF projects are in the Western States. The majority of projects are multi family residential and commercial. There is no certification for these funds. To be successful, to stay afloat and not have the fund disqualified they must be: 1. savvy accountants to follow all the Internal Revenue Service's rules and regulations and 2. be excellent at choosing locations 3. be knowledgeable in construction, trades, operating rentals, finding tenants, and have solid legal knowledge of leases, mortgage lending, and operating the properties. It's difficult to imagine a start up company being able to expertly manage a variety or real estate holdings in different locations.  

Buyer be careful. 


Your Loan Process

I'm here to guide your loan process.

The mortgage loan application is a difficult process.
There is a list of paperwork you gather upfront
You must send the papers in clear readable pdf format.
After you send the list,
 another list may be generated from questions that arise from your information.
You must open emails and e sign paperwork several times
There is a bunch of information you don't want to share, or don't understand.

I'm here to explain why we need the information, where you can access the
correct format and how to get the lowest rate, most suitable loan, in the fastest
process available.

I'm here to guide you.
I'm like your spiritual, financial, and real estate investing advisor.
I'm going to tell you what I think, and you may not like what some
Fannie, Freddie, Dodd, Frank, or Govey guys created for laws; but,
I can explain why.
You may not care what laws the CFBP thinks are important.
You can always get a mortgage outside of the rules; but, it is expensive.

So ask as many questions as you like or need, and ask again when my
explanation is unclear. There are no bad questions. There are true answers.

I'm here to explain everything about home loans, the process, the Underwriting
and close your fast.

This process is like a marriage for a month, then I'm your friend forever advise.

Call me   949 -784- 9699

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• Foreign Nationals 
• Second Chance Loans 
• customized products
• Self-Employed Loans
• Jumbo and Conforming Loans 
• Investment Properties 
• Construction Loans 
• Second/Vacation Homes 
• Delayed Financing 
• mortgage loans in every state
•Asset depletion as Income 
•Bridge loans 

Foreign National Chinese Mortgages

允許個人稅務識別號碼 。借款人無需擁有社會安全號碼。
貸款金額高達      萬美元,貸款價值高達65%。
最低貸款額為    $500000.00  美元。


Heggstad Petition to Fix Real Estate Title

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Refinance Transaction with cloud on title. In order to move forward with cash out refinance transaction there is a gap where the grandparents Living Trust (now deceased) did not properly file a transfer deed into the name of the Trust. Filing a Heggstad type petition should be able to clear the gap in the chain of title to move forward with a home mortgage.

Estate of Heggstad, (1993) 16 Cal.App.4th 943 

Heggstad Petition can be used to clear a cloud on title caused by failure to record a family transfer deed from whatever personal form of ownership into the name of a Revocable Living Trust.
A Revocable Living Trust is an entity that must be very specific in the description of what assets the Trust owns or holds or covers. The Trust Agreement cannot just state that the Living Trust includes all my assets, or all my property to be able to file a Heggstad Petition. The Trust Agreement must have the legal address of subject real estate property and in some cases the APN number as well (if there is some question as to address or there has been a lot split).

To prove a Heggstad Petition the original Living Trust Agreement is filed in Probate court hearing for a decision. In the Trust Agreement the settlor declared that they transferred certain property to his/her Trust with an exacting list that property in a written schedule attached to the trust instrument. The Death Certificates of those parties who were settlors of the Trust are also required with the petition.

Setting up a Living Trust is a simple affair. The problem is in following up with recording the deed to real estate and keeping up with the lives of the original settlors. Often family members don't go back to the same attorney, as time has passed, they moved away or they don't seek legal advice at all. 

IF after the death of the settlor(s), record of title to subject real property that was described on the trust asset schedule remained in that decedent's name as an individual, or as Joint Tenants or whatever but not in the name of the Trust. The settlor(s) failed to pay for and record a deed formally conveying that property to the trustee of the trust. 

The Heggstad court held that the settlor's written declaration that the property was held in trust was sufficient to create a trust in the subject real property, without the need of a formal conveyance of title to the settlor as trustee during the decedent's lifetime. Therefore, that property was held to be an asset of the trust and not subject to disposition through the decedent's will. 

Another related recent case is  Ukkestad v. RBS Asset Finance, Inc. (2015) 235 Cal.App.4th 156 
Ukkestad clarifies the interpretation of a Heggstad petition to confirm a trust's holding of real property. 

A recent California Court of Appeal decision Carne v. Worthington (2016) 246 Cal.App.4th 548, distinguished Heggstad referring to it numerous times. Carne points recent light on understanding the principals raised in the Heggstad and Ukkestad decisions. Liebler created a Revocable Trust of which he was sole trustee in 1985 and recorded the Revocable Inter Vivos Trust with the county recorder on title of the property. In 2009 Liebler sets up a new Trust. He transferred a list of properties into a new Revocable Living Trust, thus leaving the real property open to heirs disputing the transfer.  The heirs disputed that Liebler had not changed the deed to the new Trust name. Carne case shows how disputes over trusts happen if one is not careful in executing and recording all the deeds to property that are to be part of a trust. The Carne case also shows how a relative can try to take advantage of a failure to record a deed and how trust litigation happens and can take years to resolve. When the creator of the trust becomes incapacitated or deceased, the designated Successor Trustee takes over the administration of the trust, and hence, all of the trust

Intent of Trustee should be spelled out the legal address and or APN number not just a generic - all bank accounts and all real estate.
A  2007 case, Sterling v. Taylor, which clarifies a legal principle: "That is certain which can be made certain." The court explained this with the following: "If a memorandum includes the essential terms of the parties' agreement, but the meaning of those terms is unclear, the memorandum is sufficient under [the law] if extrinsic (i.e., outside) evidence clarifies the terms with reasonable certainty and the evidence as a whole demonstrates that the parties intended to be bound."

This is NOT legal advice.
I am explaining a logical process to clear up a preliminary title report to be able to move forward with a home loan. This process would take a minimum of ninety days, as a hearing must be scheduled. I can suggest some good attorney in your area, just call me


Latest VA Funding Fee Rules

  • Certificate of Eligibility (This can be ordered by the Lender quicker)
  • Form 28-1880 (Request for COE)
  • Form DD-214
  • Form 28-8937 (For service Connected Disability Benefits only)
The funding fee of 2.15 percent must be paid to VA by all but certain exempt veterans. A down payment of 5 percent or more will reduce the fee to 1.5 percent and a 10 percent down payment will reduce it to 1.25 percent. A funding fee of 2.40 percent must be paid by all eligible Reserve/National Guard individuals.

The Veterans Administration provides one of the most amazing products for active and retired military which is the VA Home Loan. This product can be used to purchase or refinance a house. Spouses (widows) of Vets
can also use the loan if they have not remarried.

Don't let the Seller or Agents frown on this way to buy a home.
For some reason agents recall some fictional deal of their past where
the VA inspection was pretty tough on the condition of the property. The real estate needs to meet health and safety codes of the subject address - whether it is county or city codes. The VA protects it's own in that they don't want them living in a house that the roof leaks and is falling apart.
peppers from my garden

air plan on drift wood as art


Home Loans Closed Fast

HUD house
Questions To LEnder for Home Loan
1.     What is the price of the house I can afford?
The lender will ask you about your employment with open questions such as:
Who do you work for? How long have your been there? What is job title? How are you paid?

They need to show you have two years same type of income. You can’t from W-2 earner to self employed because you won’t have two years IRS income taxes to show the net income that you earn. You can however go from college to new job with one paystub. OR from self employed to W-2 with a contract if the employer is not a family member. These are for a conventional loan or government loan such as FHA, USDA. Qualfied loans are ones where the Borrower’s income to the total proposed debt is under a certain percentage. All debt on credit report is added to the new principle. Interest, taxes, insurance and HOA.

There are other types of mortgages which you can use your bank statements as income. The interest rate on a bank statement loan will be a bit higher than on one that the Borrower qualifies with w-2 and IRS taxes. There are bank statement loans where the deposits are averaged to show as your income. Typically, half the total deposits in 24 or 12 or 1 month are cut in half to represent total monthly income.
There are also alternative or hard money loans at high rates to solve temporary problems. Don’t take a high interest rate loan unless you are certain you can get out of this or sell.

2.    What type of loan - FHA, VA, Conventional
Federal Housing Administration doesn’t actually Underwrite or buy your mortgage. FHA insures the loan in the event of a default. Default is if you don’t pay and the house is foreclosed upon. FHA gives the lender a little cushion if you don’t repay because FHA loans can be 96.5% of the property value. You will pay mortgage insurance until you sell or refinance with equity to do a conventional loan. FHA is good for first time buyers, or those with little down payment. It is limited by the County where the property sits.

VA If you are a qualified the VA loan is guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs  This great benefit  is for American veterans, military members currently serving, reservists and select surviving widow or widower who didn’t marry again.

Conventional loans require three percent down minimum but have more strict credit and debt to income ratio qualifying rules than FHA. With a high loan to value conventional loan the mortgage insurance is not permanent as with the FHA. If value increases or you pay down the loan to seventy nine percent of value ask the Servicer in writing (send an appraisal or Broker price opinion, I help my clients for free). Some loans may have wait period, see your promissory note.

Other types of loans available: Bridging your house listed for sale combined with house you plan to buy, Bank Statement Loans, Asset Depletion Mortgages, Hard Money and many more. This last category may not have higher interest rates due to risk. A mortgage broker usually has a product for everyone, but not always the price they want.

3.    Down payment assistance options
Depending on location of the property there are grants, down payment help, silent seconds and Mortgage Credit Certificates Not all of these require that you are first time owner or haven’t owned on IRS returns in three years. Some have income limits which keeps the total dollar amount available mostly under conforming loan limits.
4.    How much money do I need?
I addition to the down payment you will typically pay for escrow, title, recording, appraisal, Underwriting, processing, property taxes, fire insurance, inspections, and per dium interest. You may also negotiate property condition items if you are still under the contingency date. The Lender can give you’re the numbers. Yes, you can ask the seller to pay or split some costs; but most often this is done with your initial offer.
5.    What FICO score do I need?
Your payment record in the past four years determines one piece of the interest rate you will pay. The higher the FICO score the lower the rate. Ask about the program you want and what is minimum score number. Pay everyone on time, this is NOT the time to close an account or go buy furniture or a new car. Credit can be fixed, if you have time ask C. G. about strategy to increase the FICO.
6.    Type of property single family, units, condominium, townhouse
The type of property you choose has effects on pricing and qualifying. Single family detached housing is considered the most optimum for resale, and thus the interest rates for this property type will be a bit less expensive in interest rate and more forgiving in loan to value, programs and more likely to allow for exceptions. Think of all the factors as layers or blankets and the warmer you get with covers the lower the rate. Townhouse or attached or Planned unit developments are other property types. Condominiums have a certain set of risk which is inherent in the Association. Is the Association financially solid? Is the Association involved in a lawsuit that may cause unexpected costs? What is the nature of the lawsuit? Rural properties also have certain types of risks to review such as the septic tank, well, road maintenance agreements, prior use, and services available to be inspected as sound, ongoing and not to cause unexpected costs.
7.    How to communicate with Lender
The lender is a real person, hopefully you didn’t apply on an internet lender who seemed cheaper but you keep getting a new person on the phone. When you choose to work with C. G. she is available to answer your questions seven days a week. Once you make your offer you need to ne in contact with the lender by email every day from Monday to Friday. The process of gathering information is not cookie cutter and communication is vital. This is not the time to go on vacation and go dark. Estimates will be emailed to you three to five times and each time these must be opened and acknowledged or a non-answer holds up the process. The first estimate you must agree to accept emails and esign the documents. You may call or email CG to tell her if there are any corrections needed on the application. You can of course agree to only receive the documents by US mail but this slows the processs by about ten days due to delivery time and need to have wet signed paperwork by about ten days. C. G. has a website where you may upload your income, assets, letters of explanation and other paperwork but it is best to email documents as pdf. Taking a photograph of your ID and sending a blurry pdf will slow down the time line. Look at the image and see if fine print is readable. Bank statements can be downloaded from you bank’s website and saved as “the month name bank name” then emailed to her secure email  IF you are showing the earnest money cleared your account or gift funds cleared someone’s account, please save a screenshot of the running balance/ then ins and outs WITH the URL of the bank at the bottom of the page.
8.    Rates terms time frame for lock
Rate locks are priced in increments of days. The longer number of days the cheaper the interest rate pricing. You also have a time frame to close if you are doing a purchase loan. You will need to lock at least ten days before the close date. Generally, it is cheaper to lock Tuesday through Thursday. Bad news makes interest rates flow downwards and rates change twice a day. C. G. will guide you but not tell you when to lock.
9.    Experience of the loan officer or broker
Closing a mortgage loan is the most expensive financial transaction you will make in your life. C. G. has thirty years as a mortgage banker and has seen every situation. C. G. believes everyone should be able to get a home loan.
10.Time frame time of year time to close
Home purchasing is most active in June and July. Mortgage banks and lenders are subject to the whim of the Ten Year bond market, when rates fall they have influx of business. These two factors are beyond your control; but, are interesting to point out. If you send in your documents requested during the morning before 11:00 she will review by the end of same the day. A preapproval submitted with two years IRS returns and W-2, bank statements for past sixty days, and pay stubs by 10:30 AM will have a letter the following day. There may be questions about your paperwork, be available by phone and email. Texting, though seems fast for short messages is not careful enough to process a home loan.
11. Do I feel comfortable talking about my divorce, bankruptcy, job changes, secrets?
You will need to provide Divorce Decree, Bankruptcy Docket Summary, ages of your children, what dates and where you worked in the past seven years and more. Lenders check and double check everything. The best practice is to be open and explain upfront so we can together deal with the issue. think of this as confession and I keep everything locked down.

What customers say about me is this:

C.G.  Caroline Gerardo Barbeau  NMLS 324982         (949)  784- 9699


Repotting a root bound pothos

Epipremnum aureum
heartleaf philodendron

This devil's ivy sat in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator for two years. My fridge is propane as I live off grid. The area got little light but was warm. The plant grew from twelve inches to be fifteen feet long. After my last vacation, it wilted and was very sad. Lack of water and daylight nearly killed the plant. It's overgrown it's small nursery pot and needs tender love.

I decided to cut it back and repot into a much larger plastic pot and use what clippings I took to re-root those alongside the original plant. I have a screened patio an will allow it to come back to life on the porch this summer.

Here are a couple videos of me trimming it back and talking to her. I mixed compost and sand and didn't fertilize the plant- I plan to soak the soil deep and check every day to make sure it stays moist.

deep green pothos leaves


Low Down Payment Mortgage

field of flowers

Did you know we have:

80/15/5 piggy backs - 5% down, no MI, No impounds. Use Super Conforming plus Quorum C U 15% piggy 2nd

1st time buyer products like Mortgage Credit certificate (MCC) for loans up to $484,350 loan amounts. The M C C credit is like lowering the buyers rate by 1.5%. Beat the banks and the Credit Unions, we can close quickly and with extra credit. 
Home ready 3% down for 1st time buyers. Reduced MI and cap on risk based pricing of 1.5 pts. Great for condo’s, some areas have no income limits

Platinum Grant which doesn’t require the buyer to be a first time buyer. Up to 5% of the loan amount is a grant

Loans for the hard to qualify self employed borrowers using 12 months business Bank Statements. Use 50% of the deposits to qualify

Interest rates range from 3.75% - 4.25% - that's in the 3's depending on program, FICO, property, cash out and more

Just because you got a low quote from the Bank - maybe it won’t fly or close on time
Call to refinance or purchase now 949-  784- 9699

Bridge loans, Reverse Mortgages and many more Niche products.
NMLS 324982

This is not a commitment to lend

C G Video

After fifteen hours of Marketing Training our Marketing Department
asked us to send them a video with our thoughts.
My first attempt was a positive review with cartoon like images of photographs
BUT oh no they sent me an email saying I had to put my face and speak
in the video. Although there is nothing in the fine print this gave me the kick
in the pants to try and record something. I'm not young and beautiful but I
made this quick video.
I'm hoping it breaks the ice for me to start sharing information on Linkedin
and here on my site.
What do you think?
Too goofy?


Free Real Estate Forms

A couple helpful forms for real estate transactions and involving elderly or ill family members
no trick fill in the form then ask for your credit card and charge you forever

Advanced Health Care Directive form please see the link:

Affidavit of Death for Trustee of a Living Trust

Affidavit: Death of Trustee

Affidavit of Death for Joint Tenant

Affidavit: Death of Joint Tenant

Grant Deed

Grant Deed

Homestead Declarations

These forms must be filled in CAREFULLY with the correct legal address and APN number
They need to be notarized and stamped
You will need tp bring them to the county recorder to be recorded. There are nominal
fees to file them which vary per county of California

This is not to say you should practice law; but, this allows you to read up and do it yourself


Fun Easy Fourth Recipe

fourth of july silly hats
Last night I took my Mom down to my sister and brother in law's boat in Dana Point Harbor for
Independence Day Celebrations. I fussed for two days prior making a couple dishes that were
healthy and from my garden. I have a small farm with vegetables, flowers, and herbs. My
sister told me not to worry as there were being more simple with the menu this year as my
brother in law just had heart surgery. They have a small grill they put on the dock, and they
were going to just cook bratwurst because they don't require much condiments.

The day before I picked a basket of heirloom tomatoes, a bucket of baby Dutch yellow potatoes, bunches of arugula, sweet onions, four lemons, garlic, celery, thyme, basil, and more.

The recipes are below and photographs of garden in progress, always.

Fourth Of July is a fun American holiday. There aren't rules, you just set up the traditions as
your family and friends agree. I'm fortunate with two siblings who own boats. This gives me
opportunity for joy, with supplying delicious food I enjoy creating, and no deck cleaning.

My Mom is eighty seven, well eight in a few days. It's my tradition to share watching fireworks with my Mom, and any family who can attend. In years past I hosted a party at my home, where we could swim and watch the Monarch Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana shows. Sold that home and now on the ranch where fireworks are a big danger.

My brother in law who I mentioned had heart surgery on Wednesday of last week was captain. He drove or do I say sailed the dingy out to anyone who wanted to play in the afternoon Water Wars. You wonder what that is... On the main channel and under the walking bridges people take buckets, squirt guns and water blasters and engage in dousing one another. It was a blast to say the least. I didn't bring a bathing suit this year; and was cold later in the evening; but so worth the silly energy.

We played music, ate, paddle boarded and watched the show. The show not only is a spectacular fireworks at 9:00, but the people watching was great.

I got Mom and her walker home at 10:45. I made it up the mountain by almost midnight. Before I went to sleep. I said my prayers and included: God Bless America

Zucchini  flowers


Inbetween my bunny defense fences are these mix of native and colored milkweed to feed the monarch butterflies

pumpkin starting

This one tomato plant has hundreds of fruits (green right now)  I put the 5 gallon water jug in front to show you it is four feet tall and fourteen across

Last of the yellow potatoes that I harvested

zucchini flowers

fencing to keep rabbits out

another happy zucchini flower

green tomatoes

And now the recipes

Healthy Potato Salad from the Garden
Prep time 20 minutes
Category: Salad
Cuisine: California Healthy
Cook time 15 minutes
author: Caroline Gerardo
Serving size: 1/2 cup
160 calories 
6 grams protein
vitamin A, B, C, folate, niacin, potassium, riboflavin, 
Recipe ingredients:
2 lemons
bunch of basil
large bunch fresh thyme
sprig of rosemary
2 cups good organic olive oil
tablespoon of salt
fresh ground black pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon paprika
teaspoon of sesame seeds
tablespoon sugar
half cup walnuts
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup white vinegar
5 cups yellow dutch or small baby potatoes
1 cup cherry tomatoes and yellow pears
9 heirloom tomatoes
1 Maui onion chopped fine (brown onions are too harsh and the price of Maui now are cheap)
5 stalks celery chopped rough
15 mint leaves sliced thin
small watermelon or 6 apricots or 6 fresh figs 

Boil ten cups yellow potatoes in salted water with springs of thyme.
The water should cover them and simmer fifteen minutes. Check if soft.
If tender to the fork and you cut the large ones to be same size as the smallest,
turn heat over cover and allow to cool.
You are going to make two similar but different vinaigrette-s. You will need three small bowls.
Grate one of the two lemons into super thin strips.
Juice both lemons
With a scissors make thin strips of basil about 4 tablespoons
Strip the remaining thyme to only tiny leaves
In a roasting pan dry or a cast iron one- heat the walnuts to release the roast flavor
put he nuts aside
In the same pan heat 2 tablespoons sesame seeds don't burn just heat to a few pop, put aside cooling
Chop 5 stalks celery very fine
Then the onion as thin as you can slices
they the garlic into tiny teeny slices and smash
the potatoes should be cool enough, drain the liquid and freeze for soup stock.
peel the skins and check for blemishes to throw away.
put the potatoes in your pretty container
slice the tomatoes thin, arrange flat with a variety of sizes and shapes over lapping on a platter
Dressing # 1 for the tomato and watermelon salad
half the garlic put in small bowl add 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup white vinegar
Add 1.2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 pepper or season to your diet
1/2 teaspoon sugar and taste
Does it need a balance or a note?
1 teaspoon thyme
maybe a dash of soy sauce or hot pepper?
add half the onion and let set a minute while you keep working

Dressing #2 for the potato salad
the other half of chopped garlic
 3/4 cup olive oil
cup lemon juice
teaspoon of salt
teaspoon of pepper
sesame seeds
1/2 teaspoon sugar or you can use same of honey

Okay it's time to go
The tomatoes and other fruit are on a flat platter.
Sprinkle the basil and mint over the top. 
Drizzle # 1 dressing on top 
scatter the walnuts
taste one and check are the tomatoes savory and sweet?

Other bowl 
add celery and chopped onion and some cherry tomatoes for color
toss in the dressing #2 

Cover. put in iced cooler, and  deliver
You can serve with crusty bread or baguette

I used to do deviled eggs and mayo but this avoids problems
So if you got this far tell me what you did for the 4th?


Easiest Way to Get a VA loan

short video of a hummingbird who I released from tomato cage

The Easiest Way to Get a VA Loan

  • Most recent 1 full month of pay stubs
  • Most recent 2 years of W2’s (Tax returns if self employed)
  • Cancelled Earnest Money Check to be credited at close
  • Source of funds for Earnest Money deposit in order to be credited at closing - bank statement and online bank printout with URL at bottom showing the funds cleared
  • bank statements all pages last month
  • Contact information for Home Owner’s Insurance (if you have USAA for auto I suggest you bundle with your car insurance)
  • Government Issued ID
other items which may be asked for if it applies to your situation:
Divorce decree
Bankruptcy Docket summary
Letters about financial situations

The process is paperwork and time consuming. Make pdf copies of your information, label them, and keep in a desktop folder. These items can also be brought in for a personal meeting or mailed or over-nighted to my team at 949 South Coast Drive #240 Costa Mesa CA 92626. Don't send your only copy.
Talk about your goals and the best time, and method of communication to reach you. Are you a texter? phone calls early in the morning? Please let us know how best to reach you. 
With zero down payment options the VA loan is a great way to purchase a home, and perhaps the best benefit the US government gives you.