Stay on Track

Sometimes avoiding temptations is just scheduling routines.
It is brain patterns and neuro pathways we build.

Write the goals - for work , heath, life in 5 years.
Keep acting along the lines of production, action, and courage.

Resist temptations.

Know your true heart and you will succeed.

Photograph copyright Caroline Gerardo all rights reserved


Orange County Sparks a Recovery?

It's spring and I feel the turn. It will be 79 degrees here today. I can see a Goldrush of people in the NorthEast who might be tired of shoveling snow moving here. How can we attract them? Jobs?


Freddie MAC Guest Speaker



Dr. Frank Nothaft

Chief Economist for Freddie MAC

Dr. Nothaft will address national and local economic conditions and the real estate environment

DATE: February 7th 2011

The Doubletree Hotel

8:00 AM - 12 PM Breakfast will be served



Rent or Buy?

Is it time to buy or rent?

Timing is everything.

The choice should be a business decision not an emotional one. If the bank tells you your ratios are too high, take it as a blessing that this is not a sound selection at this time.


Buying a house is a tax deduction (assuming you need a deduction).

Owning a house gives you the freedom to stay as long as you like and do what you want.


If you are thinking employment promotion or moves upward- you will be stuck with location.

Often you can rent cheaper, but with a limited palette and expect increases.


Buy less than you think you can afford which allows breathing room.

Put as little down payment as you might and let the insurers’ bear the worry.

Shop very carefully for a deal.

Take your time. Do not fall in love with a house it is just a thing.

Enlist expert representation and investigate everything.

Everything in the universe falls apart- have a budget for those older items in the house.


If you save junk long enough, it is still junk

My children love their gadgets. We have had stolen, broken and lost six iPhones. Fortunately, I bought Apple stock when it was initial public offering, and continued to buy and sell so all the shares I own I consider gravy. I asked them to compile all the old phones and cords in a drawer, as they can be recycled.

Son thought we could sell them to one of the online companies that advertise, “We buy used cell phones.” Well after making his list and entering the old pager, ancient Nokias and all this junk the total value was less than two dollars.

He packed them up because his middle school, Niguel Hills collects them and ships them to needy children. This is better than having them sit in a drawer waiting to be on the Antiques Roadshow.


Commercial Vacancies Rising

All the big stores gone. Broadway, Buffums, Bullocks, Butler Bros, City of Paris, Fedco, Fedmart, Fedway, Gottschalks, Harris, Hinshaws, I Magnin, Joseph Magnin, May, Mervyns, FC Nash, Pragers, J W Robinson, Sage, Zody's.
77000 square feet available - has been empty almost three years over a lawsuit.  Who would brave to open a big box store? 

OCJAAF Season is Over LNLL already starts

Friday night we turned in our football gear at the La Paz field. Cowboy football season is over.

"This is the last time we will walk up this hill," my son paused as we carried the conflict jersey, pants and gladiator gear all clean to be stored for another team next year.

We could buy the helmet for fifty dollars, but son decided it was better to let someone else wear all his stickers for A's and share the good fortune. He wrote a tiny note inside in permanent ink.

"Never give up."

The image is just a little shaking, but I think that quality does it justice.

P.S. BASEBALL season already started. LNLL We are the Beavers. Our mascot doesn't sound too inspiring. 


my camera has a mind of it's own

Accidental Self Portrait
Don't you love it when you are holding your camera and it just does what ever it wants to see.

Reflections before the snow. So Blessed not to be in New York this week. May everyone keep warm. Here the temperature is 78 in Orange County and I am sitting in the sun without a sweater.


Laguna Canyon Flood images- cleanup of mud, debris and what now?

Dig in and work.

The animal shelter appears devastated. No dogs or cats died in the flood, but they were actually swimming. Temporary quarters are being arranged and they are in need of donations of blankets, dog beds and toys. Call me if you can’t deliver I will pick up and drop off.

The marine Mammal center looks worse.

The best solution I can recommend is major fundraising to rebuild these structures on concrete piers, assuming another flood will happen in ten years. There are several contributing factors to the long term mess: 1. A variety of individuals and municipalities own the land and creek 2. It is a natural flood basin 3.Building of the 73 highway did not accommodate large enough catch basins for runoff and actually cause more spillage over the sides 4. Water goes where it wants to go.

Back of kennels- debris has been scraped.