Laguna Canyon Flood images- cleanup of mud, debris and what now?

Dig in and work.

The animal shelter appears devastated. No dogs or cats died in the flood, but they were actually swimming. Temporary quarters are being arranged and they are in need of donations of blankets, dog beds and toys. Call me if you can’t deliver I will pick up and drop off.

The marine Mammal center looks worse.

The best solution I can recommend is major fundraising to rebuild these structures on concrete piers, assuming another flood will happen in ten years. There are several contributing factors to the long term mess: 1. A variety of individuals and municipalities own the land and creek 2. It is a natural flood basin 3.Building of the 73 highway did not accommodate large enough catch basins for runoff and actually cause more spillage over the sides 4. Water goes where it wants to go.

Back of kennels- debris has been scraped.

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