Silver Lining: Getting a Home Loan after Foreclosure

Paddleboarder heading out to find the silver lining in the fog this morning.

How long must I wait to get a standard loan after bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale?
The answers are better than you think, BUT layered with the fact that you MUST rebuild and re-establish credit to be eligible for decent pricing.  FICO score determines market rate (more in another post).

SAVE all your Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale paperwork for 8 years. BK docket summary and discharge paperwork is valuable and necessary.


Chapter 13 BK :                       4 years from dismissal, 2 from discharge

Chapter 7 or 11 BK                 4 years

More than one BK filing        5 years if more than one in 7 years

Foreclosure                             7 years unless you can prove special circumstances(more coming) then 3 years          * see me for what constitutes special

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure  2 years  20% down required
Or Short Sale                           4 years   10% down   7 years 5% down


Chapter 7 BK                          2 years from Discharge
Chapter 13 BK                        1 year of payout and payment performance and court approval
Foreclosure                            3 years from final
Short Sale                               no time restriction IF all mortgage payments and installments were on time past 12 months  prior to application date
Or 3 years if in default at date of short sale

What hurts your credit the most?

Prolonging the number of late payments combined with foreclosure.

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