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Easy project for home gardens and Cheap! Galvanized Wash tub  recycled into planter. Poke holes in the bottom with a hammer and nail, add six inches of gravel then compost and save cuttings of a variety of succulents. Keep adding new pieces as you see which ones survive- rarely or never water

Reduce your payments or

increase your home’s value

Traditionally, homeowners resort to refinancing whenever they believe they can

reduce their monthly mortgage payment by a lower rate or by debt consolidation.

Let’s say refinancing will save you $150 a month due to a common reason today, paying off

other high interest rate debt. That’s good news, but you have to weigh these savings against

other factors such as having less to write-off in taxes, and in recouping refinancing costs.

An additional reason to refinance is to make home improvements. Rather than move up to a

larger home with higher property taxes, many Americans have elected to stay put.
I will review if we can get you out of expensive mortgage insurance
- I am seeing many clients reduce their monthly nut by $300 to $400 by refinancing
 from FHA to conventional with the raise in values. We can arrange for a free property profile,

So, knowing your primary goal — whether to reduce your overall monthly payments or to make

your home even more valuable with improvements — will tell you when to refinance.

If you would like more information about refinancing, call me today.


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Another easy and cheap/ free home garden project. This table was discarded road side. Distressed finish was already prepared. move an arrangement of white blue and green for a cool and soothing corner of your yard or patio.

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