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USDA Mortgage Loan is a great mortgage product. It allows borrowers to purchase a home with zero down, as long as the home is within a “rural” geographical area as designated by USDA.

USDA requires that the subject property be located in a rural area. The definition of rural area is deligated and regulated by the United States Census which is completed every ten years.
To see if a property location is eligible go here

These eligible geographic areas are about to change, but you can apply for a USDA loan here to ensure you are able to use USDA financing for your home purchase. The 2010 census revealed changes to populations around cities and towns that will make some areas ineligible for USDA financing. Many people have moved away from sparsely populated areas and closer to cities and suburbs since 2000, when the last census was taken.

Because of this, some areas that were once eligible will exceed population limits set by USDA, becoming ineligible. The boundaries for USDA loans will change as of October 1, 2014. -You need to apply early September and close before OCTOBER first of this year. If you have questions or comments I am happy to answer. After 27 years as a mortgage banker and more than two billion dollars of closed loans, I have answers, free,
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Here is C G in rural Glen Oaks California with her son

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